How extensive is California’s drought? Compare the photos

A snake-like trickle of water flows underneath Lake Oroville’s Enterprise Bridge — just one striking example of how much California’s chronic drought is affecting the state’s lakes and reservoirs. Situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas in Butte County, Lake Oroville is one of the largest reservoirs in California, second only to Shasta Lake. After enduring three straight years of d

888,246 Poppies Pour Like Blood From The Tower of London To Remember The Fallen Soldiers of WWI

It’s paint, it’s blood, it’s poppy flowers! On August 5th, in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the First World War, the Tower of London has something truly incredible planned. Thanks to designers Tom Piper and Paul Cummins, the “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” demonstration will be breathtaking on multiple levels. 888,246 poppies to be exact, will be perfectly displayed aroun

This Interactive Cloud Lamp Will Bring A Thunderstorm Into Your Living Room

Thunderstorms are truly incredible, the sound of them slightly frightening but exciting at the same time. When I hear the roar of thunder, I always look up at the sky in search of the lightening bolt sure to come. The only bad thing about thunderstorms is that they don’t ‘storm’ in on command. I’m an optimist, but I have to admit, thunderstorms tend to downpour on the day you have an o

Scientists: We’re ‘very close’ to finding another Earth

Where life might live beyond Earth A team of astronomers announced April 17, 2014, that they have discovered the first Earth-size planet orbiting a star in the so-called "habitable zone" -- the distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface. That doesn't mean this planet has life on it, says Thomas Barclay, a scientist at the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute at Ames

Two-Headed Alligator Reportedly Spotted In Florida

Over the weekend, Justin Arnold from Seminole Heights, Florida posted a picture of a two-headed alligator he claims to have seen while walking his dog. Though the picture has been shared thousands of times, some have expressed concern that the picture isn’t exactly what it claims to be. Axial bifurcation is caused when monozygotic twins fail to separate completely. This results in polyceph

Jacob’s Well, Texas’ Most Dangerous Diving Spot

The largest underwater cave in Texas has been known to swallow people whole, it has also provided a nearly non-stop source of water for thousands of years. Jacob’s Well is an amazing sight to see, as the water from deep within the well pools out into a natural spring that runs off into Cypress Creek. Many people visit Texas Hill Country just to see Jacob’s Well, despite the fact it has cl

This Man Dives Into The Largest Waves On Earth, The Results Are Spectacular.

Getting tossed around by shorebreak and slammed into the sand day after day is a rough go; Clark Little wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, for the North Shore local, it’s all in a good day’s work. But the Waimea addict didn’t grow up snapping shots with his father’s camera like so many photographers do. He instead set out to capture his longtime stomping grounds when his wife came

Utah man, 22, killed while attempting to rope swing off arch made famous in viral YouTube videos

Kyle Stocking and five friends planned to spend a few hours on Sunday swinging from Corona Arch in Moab, dubbed 'the world's largest rope swing' in a viral YouTube video. But the group miscalculated the length of the rope, and Stocking hit the ground when he leapt off the massive structure. A young Utah daredevil was trying to swing from a desert arch billed as "the world's largest rope swing"

Extreme Rope Swing: Daredevil Celebrates Successful Slackline Crossing With Incredible Rope Swing

A CANADIAN slackliner celebrates a successful crossing without safety equipment - by going for a SWING. Vancouver-based Spencer Seabrooke tried a few practice runs over the North Gully of Stawamus Chief Mountain in Squamish, British Columbia. The 25-year-old then removed his safety harness in order to attempt a "free solo" crossing over 200m drop

Enigma – Age of Loneliness [Enigmatic Club Mix] Beautiful Nature [Hd]

Enigma - Age of Loneliness [Enigmatic Club Mix] Beautiful Nature [Hd] The best vocal-remix song from Enigma.. All copyright from Enigma and Emi music.