Mesmerising ‘Spanish dancer’...

A 'Spanish dancer' has been spotted putting on a vibrant display along the coast of Western Australia. But it was not a dance performance as the nam

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  • Wednesday 24, 2023

Chinese Boy Accidentally Found 66-Millio...

In 2019, a 10-year-old boy in China who was out playing near a lake accidently unearthed a fossilized egg that led to the discovery of a very rare di

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  • Sunday 21, 2023

Never-before-seen ‘crystal-like ma...

The potential new mineral was discovered in a chunk of "fossilized lightning," or fulgurite, that was left behind when a tree in Florida was struck by

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  • Wednesday 3, 2023

Giant Squid in Santa Monica Beach Califo...

In Santa Monica Beach found the Giant Squid that measure about 160 feet long from head to tentacle tip. The said photo was reportedly a photo captured

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  • Wednesday 19, 2023

How to Watch the Spectacular Lyrid Meteo...

The Lyrid meteor shower is one of the most spectacular celestial events in the meteorological calendar. Occurring every year from mid-April, this y

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  • Sunday 16, 2023

For the first time scientists observe th...

One of the most fascinating implications of Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 is that matter and energy are interchangeable. In other words, it

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  • Monday 3, 2023

Astronauts that hibernate on long spacef...

The first hibernation studies with human subjects could be feasible within a decade, a European Space Agency (ESA) researcher thinks. Such experime

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  • Sunday 2, 2023


Seahenge: A Subaquatic Monument of the E...

Today, the United Kingdom is crisscrossed with many fascinating monuments from ancient times. From the ages when these islands were inhabited by diffe....

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  • Thursday 8, 2023


Priceless Art Found In Paris Apartment V...

In 1939, a Parisian apartment was locked up and abandoned. Seventy years later, an auctioneer stumbled into a mysterious glimpse o....

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  • Monday 8, 2016