20 Times Nature Made the World Bow Down Before It

We may think that modern technology is very powerful, but the reality is that whatever we manage to build and create is temporary and Mother Nature proves this to us at every opportunity. And it never hesitates to take over as soon as we turn our backs, showing us who is the real king of the castle. We at Bright Side selected a few photos to show how incredibly st

Proof That When Left Alone, Nature Always Finds a Way to Take Over

“There’s always a way – if you’re committed,” said Tony Robbins, an American author, and entrepreneur. Nature has definitely mastered this skill at an expert level and certainly serves as a great life coach. We at Bright Side have selected these photos to show how incredibly strong nature really is. 1. Energy and persistence conquer everything.

The Winners Of The 2021 World Nature Photography Awards Are Here, And The Pics Are Stunning (39 Pics)

The annual World Nature Photography Awards (WNPA) have just announced their 2021 winners, and the pictures are stunning. The top award and cash prize of $1,000 went to Amos Nachoum from the United States for his image of a leopard seal about to capture a defenseless Gentoo penguin. Nachoum waited patiently for hours on the remote island of Plano, off the Antarctic Peninsula, for the righ

50 Of The Most Interesting Winter Pics That Showcase What True Cold Looks Like

The Starks are always right, eventually—winter is coming, and would you look at that, it's already here in our yards. And it doesn’t feel like leaving. There’s a blizzard raging outside our windows, we’ve got our favorite ugly sweaters on, and we’d gladly exchange our radiators for roaring fireplaces. Our team here at Bored Panda wanted to share our love for snow and ice wonderl

Nearly Frozen Waves Captured On Camera By Nantucket Photographer

Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh found himself staring at an ocean full of Slurpee. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean looked like it due to the unusually cold temperatures that were making it freeze. Lakes freeze every year, but oceans freezing is a rare sight. The photographer/surfer/ocean enthusiast set out to capture the beauty of this rare event. While the partially-frozen waves churned and h

10 Crazy Bridges for Animals Around The World | Wildlife Crossings

Animals bridges, which may also be known as ecoducts or wildlife crossings, are structures that allow animals to safely cross human-made barriers like highways. A wildlife crossing is the broadest term and can include: underpass tunnels, viaducts, overpasses and bridges, amphibian tunnels, fish ladders, culvets and green roofs. Animals in the wild need to migrate to find mates, food and other r

We Traveled The World’s Most Scenic Destinations, And Here’s What We Managed To Capture (20 Pics)

We're Jack Bolshaw and Marta Kulesza, and we spent the last few years of our lives photographing the mountains and writing about our experiences while traveling from the Highlands of Iceland to the Southern Alps of New Zealand. More info: | Instagram | Facebook #1 Sassolungo, Puez-Odle Nature Park, Italy.   Whether

30 Magical Photos I Captured Of The Netherlands In The Spring

As a full-time landscape photographer, I normally travel the world a lot. But obviously, because of COVID-19, last year I was mainly at home in the Netherlands. We’re currently in spring again and more than 1 year has passed. But spring is a magical season, especially here in the Netherlands. There is so much beauty to see (and to photograph): our tulip season, the lush greens everywhere, the

15 Pictures Proving That Nature Never Fails To Amaze Us

We all have seen paintings of artists and seen their unrealistic imagination expressed on a canvas, and thought to ourselves, where is this craziness coming from. We are used to the ordinary, quiet, and calming nature we often turn to soothe our soul, but nature can go beyond that sometimes. That landscape we see on a canvas can get even wilder in real life, and if you don’t believe us, be

20 Images From NASA That Show How Real Climate Change Really Is

The planet is undergoing drastic change with regards to the climate. The ice caps are melting, hurricanes and storms are becoming more intense, various locations are experiencing greater flooding, wildfires are a more frequent occurrence, extreme droughts are eliminating whole water sources—the list goes on and on. Now, many organizations and institutions are keeping an eye on what’s going