96-jährige Frau verkauft ihr Haus: Als Käufer nach innen sehen, enthüllen sie ein 72 Jahre altes Geheimnis

Picture 1 of 7 Haben Sie sich jemals den einen Nachbarn angesehen, mit dem Sie nie geredet haben, und sich gewundert, wie sein Haus wohl aussieht? Ob es sauber und aufgeräumt ist oder ein komplettes Durcheinander. Was die Nachbarn sich im Fernsehen ansehen. Ob sie viel streiten. Wir wohnen in einer Wohnung, und manchmal ertappen wir uns dabei, wie wir aus dem Fenster in die uns gegenüberli

This Fish Crawled Out of the Water…and Into Creationists’ Nightmares

Some 375 million years ago, Tiktaalik emerged onto land. Today, explains paleontologist Neil Shubin, we're all walking around in modified fish bodies. Tiktaalik roseae, a transitional fossil showing the link between fish...and us. Courtesy of Tangled Bank Studios, LLC. We all know the Darwin fish, the car-bumper send-up of the Christian "ichthys" symbol, or Jesus fish. Unlike the Christian s

Cute Animal Friends: Lion and Dog Kiss

A 500-POUND lion and a cute miniature sausage dog have completely turned the idea of "fighting like cats and dogs" on its head. Bonedigger, a five-year old male lion, and Milo, a seven-year old Dacshund dog, are so close that Milo nonchalantly licks the massive lion's teeth to clean them. The two have been inseparable over the past five years at G.W Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklah

‘Indisputable’ Proof Of A New Four-Quark Particle

Using the most powerful particle collider in the world, a research group at CERN has forged a particle made of four quarks, the European organization announced yesterday. Most particles of matter in the universe today consist of two or three quarks. Over the past decade, however, particle-accelerator projects all over the world have gathered some evidence that a few different kinds of

A cosmic diamond ring sparkles 2,500 light-years from Earth.

This “celestial diamond ring” is really the planetary nebula Abell 33. A cosmic diamond ring sparkles 2,500 light-years from Earth. A powerful telescope in Chile has captured an image of a planetary nebula and a bright star that together look eerily similar to a diamond ring in deep space. The European Southern Observatory released the photo of the planetary nebula Abell 33 and t

Backflip Over 72ft Canyon – Kelly McGarry at Rampage

8 Million Flower Petals Rain Down On A Village In Costa Rica

However, most associations of eruptions have to do with the volcanic kind, hot, fiery magma oozing down the sides of charcoal-colored volcanic rock – I’m sure you’re somewhat familiar with the phenomenon. But what about an eruption of flowers? Yes, flowers, as in vibrant and colorful petals raining down upon the earth. It sounds absurd, impossible even, but the inhabitants

NASA’s LRO Mission and North America to Experience Total Lunar Eclipse

NASA scientist Noah Petro sheds some light on the April 15, 2014, lunar eclipse that will leave the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in darkness for several hours. Image Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center › Download this video in HD formats from NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio When people in North America look up at the sky in the early morning hours of April 15, they c

After A Lioness Killed A Baboon, This Baby Was Left All Alone. What Happened Next Is Unbelievable.

Photographer Evan Schiller and his wife Lisa Holzwarth dedicate a big part of their lives to animals. They are passionate about saving Big Cats and other animals all over the world. By using writing and photography, the two hope to raise awareness about the plight of these animals. This couple was on a game drive in the northern Botswanas Selinda area when they experienced something amazing.

Image From Curiosity Rover Reveals Mysterious Light

photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech This past January, NASA’s Opportunity rover sparked a bit of debate when it imaged a mysterious rock on Mars that didn’t seem to match other samples in the vicinity. This caused an uproar among bloggers in basements everywhere claiming it was evidence of alien life, but NASA ultimately ruled the rock had been flung to its present location Tiddlywink-style un