In 30 years, people will be able to leave their bodies and move their minds “to the cloud”

Incredible and somewhat frightening visions of the future will become a reality in the coming decades. According to futurologists, people of the future will gain immortality and will live in the body of a machine. Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that a person will be able to transfer his mind into a computer and one day he will go to a funeral where his previous biological body will be buried.

(Watch) Amazing Video Shows Size of Largest Galaxy in the Known Universe

The largest galaxy in the known universe is simply staggering in size. But in order to understand its breadth, you need to understand a little something about our own corner of the universe. For starters, the Milky Way galaxy (our little home) is about 100,000 light-years across. Astronomers estimate that we have somewhere around 200 billion stars. Our closest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, is

9 Natural Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of The Home

To many people, spiders are one of the most feared creatures on Earth. They have been in people’s nightmares and have made them squirm for many generations. To those that fear them, spiders seem remarkably sneaky and fast creatures that seem to come out of nowhere and scare even the toughest of men and women. Many have had to fight the desperate quest to stop spiders from intruding in homes; e

Oregon man serving prison sentence for collecting rainwater on his own property

An Oregon landowner has been subjected to a 30-day prison sentence for what he says was a simple act of collecting rainwater on his own property. CNS News reports that Gary Harrington was convicted of nine misdemeanors and sentenced to 30 days in prison, as well as slapped with a $1,500 fine, for diverting snow runoff and rainwater into three reservoirs on his property, a move that local off

Hiker discovers an abandoned town inside Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sometimes it's easy to take for granted how much land there is in America. Sure, it's harder and harder to find places that haven't been explored, but it's also become easier to forget places that we've already been. Kind of like the entire friggin' town in the middle of Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park. That's exactly what Jordan Liles discovered when he explored the park last y

How To Build An Outdoor Cob Oven For $20

Technology has brought the art of making food to a new level which may in fact ruin someone on the long term if they don’t have the necessary knowledge of dealing without the appliances and devices at our disposal nowadays. Try baking something without fossil fuels or electricity for a week and you’ll find out how really hard that is. But if you’re lucky enough to have the space for a cob

Innovative Glass Roof Tiles Heat Your Home With Solar Energy

High-efficiency is slowly becoming a prerequisite for homes, not a fab anymore. People choosing to resort to more eco-friendly alternatives have pushed innovation to a more accessible standard. Solar heating for example can be both efficient and stylish with these Glass Roof Tiles. Made by SolTech System, this combination of technology with ecology brings all home owners a definite advantage and

Harvard scientist urges people to stop drinking “low-fat” milk

Vegans may have had it right all along; while raw, organic milk offers numerous health benefits, a Harvard researcher and pediatrician argues that conventional milk and dairy products alike are a detriment to your health – thanks to added health-compromising sweeteners. As David Ludwig mentioned in his research, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatri

What you can learn from a quick step on hot lava.

This was done by a professional and only for demonstration purposes, to show how viscous the molten rock is *** ***Please consult with professional guides who are safety conscious if you are thinking about such a trip. Much of this new land is highly unstable and large chunks can fall into the ocean without warning, or you can be on top of an emptying lava tube and that can collapse. With the

5 Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda!

Baking soda isn’t just for baking anymore. Here are 5 interesting uses for this common household product. Once you start using some of these tricks, you won’t stop, you can ask my wife! :)