Eagle Who Thought Rock Was an Egg Finally Gets to Be a Dad

A lucky coincidence has given Murphy the opportunity to nurture an eaglet of his own In early March, a bald eagle named Murphy, a resident of the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri, was ready to become a father. He crafted his nest carefully in the bottom of his enclosure, his home for most of his 31 years of life since an injury left him unable to fly. As time went on, he became m

Mother lioness adopts sick baby leopard and treats it as her own

Dheeraj Mittal Researchers documented a rare case of interspecies adoption as a lioness took in a sick baby leopard and cared for him as if he were her own.  The unusual bond formed between the animals at Gir National Park, in Gujarat, India, where the wild creatures crossed paths just over a year ago. The bond was particularly notable as lions and leopards at the park are typi

Massive 12-foot python slithers through toilet, startles homeowner

Snakes are beautiful creatures to admire, and indeed, they are fascinating animals. However, it’s preferable if they stay in their natural habitats… My worst nightmare is to have a snake enter my house; honestly, I wouldn’t know how to react. Now imagine if a massive 12-foot python suddenly slithers up your toilet… This is precisely what happened in Thailand, and images from this

Man finds unusual creature in his garden — then sees it transform into something beautiful

There are so many unique and beautiful creatures to be found in nature, and some can be found in your own backyard. That’s what one man realized after he found a colorful little creature and watched in awe as it transformed before his eyes. Facebook/Lahiru Perera The photos were shared by a user named Lahiru Perera in the Weird, Fantastic and Odd Things Facebook group. Photos show a “

Massive gator spotted on Florida golf course, a ‘Jurassic’ moment

An image showing a giant alligator sprawled on a Florida golf course, gazing ominously toward the photographer, is generating a buzz on social media. According to WINK Chief Meteorologist Matt Devitt, the image was captured by Rich Louty at a Sebring golf course. “Welcome to Florida, home to Jurassic Park,” Devitt wrote on Facebook. The size of the alligator is unclear but for th

Extremely rare, one-in-10-million white bison born in Wyoming state park

It’s always a special day when a new baby animal is born, but one recent birth is a truly unique event said to be a 1 in 10 million occurrence. An extremely rare white bison was born earlier this month at Bear River State Park in Evanston, Wyoming. The baby’s mother, Wyoming Hope, is also a white bison. According to the National Bison Association, white bisons are so rare that their birt

Man Witnesses A Miracle As 1 Deer Walks Into His Yard — And 4 Walk Out

The other day, while looking out the window of his home in Ohio, TV newsman Gabe Spiegel witnessed a remarkable story unfolding in his very own backyard. It was the miracle of life. That morning, a deer known to roam Spiegel’s neighborhood, whom he named Ruby, had led herself to a grassy patch behind his house. But, as Spiegel soon came to realize, she hadn’t arrived there without a

Woman gives her dog her jacket to keep him warm while he waits outside

As temperatures start to drop it’s important to keep our pets safe from the icy weather. Some people don’t realize that dogs are susceptible to the cold just like we are. But some kindhearted people go above and beyond to keep animals safe from extreme weather. One dog owner’s adorable way of caring for her dog caught the attention of a bystander, who shared the heartwarming photos o

Angry-looking ‘snakes’ spotted lurking in tree, but everything is not as it seems

Planet Earth and its nature are full of fascinating species and remarkable animals. It’s truly astonishing to see how different organisms interact and adapt to their surroundings to survive and maintain the balance within their ecosystem. So when I came across pictures of three ”angry snakes”  lurking in a tree, I naturally became curious. And I’m certainly not the only one who has b

Mesmerising ‘Spanish dancer’ is spotted off the coast of Australia in a coral reef – but what is the vibrant blob?

A 'Spanish dancer' has been spotted putting on a vibrant display along the coast of Western Australia. But it was not a dance performance as the name suggests - instead it was a sea slug just going about its daily business. The scientifically named Hexabranchus sanguineus is commonly known as the Spanish dancer, with it bearing a striking resemblance to a flamenco dancer's skirt. One was rece