Zeus, The Blind Owl With Stars In His Eyes

An owl with eyes that look like a starry night was found on a porch, the caring homeowners knew he needed help and sent him to a vet. After the visit, the blind owl found a new permanent home at the Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar, California. This owl’s name is “Zeus”, named after the Greek god of sky and thunder because of his extraordinary, gold-flecked, stunning and big eyes filled wi

Here Are 31 Finalists Of This Year’s Bird Photographer Of The Year Contest

Everyone that's been into photography knows that bird photos are probably the hardest to capture. It's one thing to just take a shot, but another to make an excellent photo. The photographers take countless hours to set up their shots, sneak and crawl in complete stealth and wait patiently for days on end with their extremely expensive gear. So it's no surprise that people that dedicate their

30 Of The Best Nature Photos From The Tokyo International Foto Awards

Looking back on the professional and non-professional / student winners of the Tokyo International Foto Awards, we stand amazed at the talent and effort the photographers invested in each shot. The result? Truly breathtaking images from every corner of the globe! More info: | Facebook #1 Devotion A pack of Greenland dogs, ready to take their journ

Closest Living Relative to the Dodo Bird Dazzles with Vibrant Iridescent Plumage

The dodo bird has been long extinct, but it still has relatives living in the world today. Known as the Nicobar pigeon, this rare creature is the closest living connection to the famous flightless bird, although the two don’t look alike. One striking difference is the Nicobar pigeon’s vibrant plumage that shines in iridescent blues, coppers, and greens—in addition to its reddish legs and sm

Wildlife Photographer Raises Awareness for Lion Conservation With Beautiful Portraits [Interview]

Los Angeles-based wildlife photographer Simon Needham takes stunning portraits of different animals to raise awareness of endangered species and encourage conservation efforts. Recently, he was given the opportunity to revisit Glen Garriff Conservation in South Africa to take promotional images of the lions in their care. During this experience, Needham was able to get close to some of the rare wh

Starlings Captured Forming A Murmuration In The Shape Of A Huge Bird By This Irish Photographer

In the movie Finding Nemo, a school of fish snapped into a formation that resembled a much larger fish. Photographer James Crombie caught that sort of thing happening in real life; however, instead of a flock of fish, he managed to catch a flock of starlings over Lough Ennell in County Westmeath, Ireland in a truly magical sight. James Crombie was recently named photographer of the year by the

Wildlife Photographer Captures A ‘Never Before Seen’ 1-In-146k Yellow Penguin

As we have witnessed ourselves time and time again, nature is full of surprises. Whether it’s a wild owl deciding to sit on your head, stumbling upon a pink manta ray, managing to snap the ‘perfect timing’ kind of solar eclipse, or finding a dwarf giraffe, nature never ceases to amaze us with its beauty and uniqueness. This time around, it’s in the vein of animals that are not the c

Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats

Recently, we’ve introduced you to a range of cat-tastic designs that demonstrate how modern cat furniture doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Cat-sized cardboard landmarks, tetris cat towers, and even a new line of IKEA pet furniture proves that furniture design for our fluffy friends is a growing trend. The newest pet-friendly designs to catch our eye is this super-chic collection by Japan’s Oka

Curious Test Reveals Dogs May Have a Special Ability We Didn’t Know About Before

Dogs might not be able to recognise themselves in a mirror, but that doesn't mean our pets don't have some level of self-awareness. Recent research has shown dogs can recognise the unique smell of their own odour, sort of like looking in an 'olfactory mirror', and now a new study suggests they might also have some awareness of their body as an obstacle. Body awareness is the ability to think

Photographer Captures Adorable Laughing Dormouse Perched on a Flower

Spring is just around the corner. And if our excitement were to be summed-up in one image, it would be this one. The Laughing Dormouse by Andrea Zampatti was chosen as a winner of the On Land category in the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and it’s easy to see why. The tiny field mouse is captured beaming with happiness as it perches on a flower. It’s impossible not to smile back at t

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