4-Year-Old Boy Goes Out To Play, Befriended a Baby Deer And Brings Him Home

The deep connection that exists between children and animals has been demonstrated in several instances around the globe. An adorable yet brief bond between a young child and a baby deer has recently gone viral. After spending some time playing in the woods, the little kid returned home with his new companion. When Dominic brought the animal back to his mother, Stephanie Brown, she was shocked. A

Trail Cam Captures an Opossum Helping a Deer by Picking Ticks off Its Face

Unfortunately, opossums are not animals that humans hold in high esteem. Many people see them as pests, as they often crawl into their garbage cans in search of a quick snack. But according to an Opossum Awareness & Advocacy worker, this perception is changing, although we still see cases of violence towards these animals due to misinformation. But according to an Opossum Awareness &

Photographer Captured An Adorable Laughing Dormouse Perched On A Flower

Andrea Zampatti is a wildlife photographer with a good eye for photography. His capture, ‘The Laughing Dormouse’ was able to procure him the position of the winner of the On Land category in the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. This picture is sure to put a smile on your face because it depicts a tiny dormouse laughing amidst a bunch of flowers. It is unsure as to whether the creature

Orɑngutɑn used ɑ Speɑr to Catch FISH ɑfter observing locɑl Fishermɑn in Borneo

Tool use among orangutans was first documented by Carel van Schaik. In 1994, Carel observed orangutans developing tools to help themselves eat, while conducting field work in Gunung Leuser National Park, in the northwest Sumatra. Specifically the orangutans were using sticks to pry open pulpy fruits that have “Plexiglas needles” capable of delivering a painful jab covering them. Using

Photos Of Sleeping Pups In A Puppy Daycare Center

It is no exaggeration to say that puppies are too adorable to be real. They are the cutest little furry balls that exist on the planet Earth. The Puppy Spring facility in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, regularly posts pics of its adorable little critters napping, and these pictures are so cute that they’re taking over the internet. The daycare center takes care of doggies who are older than 12 weeks

Mother Goose Takes Care Of 47 Babies And Keeps Them All Safe

If you thought having three or four little children at home was tough, imagine what this mother goose must be going through with 47 excessively dependent goslings under her care. Can someone fix her a week’s worth of endless massages and mojitos? It won’t fix her stress but it could help her life. As captured by a Canadian photographer, Mike Digout, this mother goose waddles through t

4 Year Old Boy Goes Out To Play And Brings Home A Baby Deer He Befriended

Children tend to do things that always amaze adults. The little boy in our story decided to surprise his parents by bringing along an unusual companion. This boy who is aged four, came home with a baby deer that he had managed to befriend. Stephanie Brown was enjoying her holiday at the Massanutten Resort in Virginia. She was shocked to the core when she opened the door to see her son Dominic with

Meet Zorro – The Father Cat Who Has A Lookalike Baby Kitten

Similar to a birthmark of a human, animals too possess various markings that enable us to easily recognize them. These markings also help them to stand out from the rest of their kind and gain favorable attention.   The boy is an adorable cat with a black-colored mask-shaped marking around his eyes. Due to this feature, he has been nicknamed Zorro, the masked hero that all kids simply a

Baby penguins dive off 50-foot cliff in 1st-of-its-kind footage from National Geographic

This daring dive marked the 1st swim ever for the brave emperor penguin chicks In newly released footage from National Geographic, baby penguins are seen bravely taking a 50-foot dive into the water below. In the video, nearly 700 emperor penguin chicks are gathered at the edge of a cliff, glancing over to see the deep water beneath them. All it takes is one brave penguin to take the plunge

Kind Dog Surprises Owner By Comforting The Orphaned Fawns She Rescued

When you think of German Shepherds two words that might pop into your head are “protective” and “fierce”. After all, they are known as guard dogs for a reason. However, appearances can be deceiving and there’s much more to German Shepherds than their ferocious looks. If there’s anything to learn from this story it is that these dogs also have a caring side attached to them. Sarge is