Meet “Magic Rabbit”, A Wonderful And Rare Creature That Has Been Seen For The First Time In 20 Years!

After Nearly Two Decades, This Amazing Creature Was Captured On Camera And May Be The Most Fascinating Mammal On Earth. First Discovered In 1983, This ‘Magic Rabbit’ Is Also Known As Ili Pika Or Ochotona Iliensis.     The Ili Pika Is A Species Of Mammal In The Ochotonidae Family Native To Northwestern China. But Currently Its Population Is Decreasing. The Main Reason F

The 25 Shortlisted People’s Choice Photos of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023

The Natural History Museum in London has revealed its Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award shortlist, and voting is now open. The 25 shortlisted images showcase diverse wildlife worldwide, ranging from more traditional photos, like beautiful action shots and serene portraits, to startling reflections of how pollution and human activity harm animals. Despite the highly v

A cream-colored Bear cub spo.tted playing with its black Bear mother!

Love has no color it’s unconditional. That is so rare to have a white cub. So beautiful. The cub is precious!!! A remarkable 5-month-old black bear cub with cream-colored fur has been spotted in British Columbia with its commonly colored mother. The rare sight was seen and photographed by Arthur De Jong, who is an environmental planning manager. The cub was spotted playing with its mo

Lion dad meets baby son for the very first time and the reaction is priceless

It’s not only in the human world that parents harbor a great love for their children – wild animals can feel very strongly for their offspring too. We know from scientists’ observations that animals, including close kin such as chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas, express emotions ranging from joy to sorrow. But lions? This beautiful moment was captured in September, when cameras i

The Scottish wildcat has been wiped out by breeding with domestic cats

After 2000 years of isolation, a few decades of interbreeding have rendered the animal “genomically extinct” Though it lies in ruins on the northeast coast of England, Kilton Castle was once an imposing stone fortress, home to several noble families, and—it appears—at least eight cats. Archaeological excavations in the 1960s uncovered a well, at the bottom of which lay the bones of severa

Octopus named Inky makes astonishing escape from his tank to the ocean

Inky the Octopus's Great Escape: Cephalod makes amazing break from aquarium by squeezing out of a gap in his tank, sliding across the floor and slipping into a pipe that led to the ocean It was a daring escape in the middle of night that saw Inky the octopus make a successful dash for freedom from his tank to the Pacific Ocean. The male octopus squeezed himself out of the aquarium after staff le

Fox Cubs Make Grandma’s Porch Their Own Personal Playground

It all started when Reddit user “Vechrotex” took a photo of a fox cub at the door of his grandma’s house in Illinois. Fox sightings are pretty common around her house as it sits near a wooded area, but something pretty special was about to happen. Vechrotex<a href=httpswwwredditcomrawwcommentsbh29isa baby fox showed up to say hi at my grandmothers target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>

After Being Rescued From The Flood, The Donkey Shows Its Happy with Smiles!

He Was Seen Smiling As He Dragged A Donkey To Safety After Being Trapped And Stranded By Floods In Ireland Last Sunday. In The Morning, The Donkey Was Found Stranded In A Field Surrounded By Deep River Water Overflowing Its Banks. A Member Of The Rowing Club Had Come Forward To Rescue Him And Now The Donkey Is On The Mend. The Woman Shared A Post Asking For Help On

The forester took pity on the hungry female wolf and two months later on the three wolves thanked him.

On a freezing winter day, a forester came upon a female wolf who was nearing exhaustion. Finding food in the wilderness during the winter season is a remarkable difficulty, and the unhappy animal, who was already hopeless, believed there was nothing to shed and approached the cabin. The forester called Styopa was at first horrified, but he eventually took pity on the wolf and gave her some meat

Guy Saved A Wild Fox From A Fur Farm And They Became Best Buddies Since Then

Love may come in different forms and ways. Perhaps you might find the true love of your life among your friends, at your college or it can even be a stranger that you accidentally met. In Woody’s case, the true love of his life came to him at a fur farm where he was destined to be killed to take his fur. Yeah, as you might have guessed by now, Woody is not a human but a beautiful fox and the