The 1st ‘major lunar standstill’ in more than 18 years is about to occur. Here’s how to see it.

A major lunar standstill is about to occur. The phenomenon happens every 18.6 years when the moon rises and sets at its most extreme points on the horizon, while also climbing to its highest and lowest point in the sky. Where the moon rises and sets on the horizon changes constantly. (Image credit: Alan Dyer/Stocktrek Images via Getty Images) In addition to the April 8 to

‘At least 150,000 tons’ of water frost discovered atop Mars’ tallest volcanoes

Once thought impossible to exist, water frost found atop Mars' Tharsis region volcanoes could come in handy for future human exploration missions, new research suggests. An illustration of Olympus Mons, the largest known volcano in the solar system. Mars may have a mantle plume that's fueling its earthquakes and recent volcanism. (Image credit: SEBASTIAN KAULITZKI/SCIENCE PHOTO L

Robots built from frog cells have unlocked the ability to self-replicate

Robots that create offshoots of themselves could be a future tool for science and medicine. Xenobots are synthetic lifeforms made from clusters of stem cells scraped from African clawed frog embryos. Douglas Blackiston and Sam Kriegman In nature most organisms reproduce by either mating and producing offspring, or creating clones of themselves. But a new mode of propagation is on the scene

Destructive Beauty: Icebergs Flip with the Power of an Atomic Bomb

While icebergs may appear to be gentle giants, when they flip over, they can unleash a deadly power. While this clearly displays their stunning underbelly, it also creates tsunamis, earthquakes, and may even swallow adjacent boats. But what causes these massive ice mountains to topple in the first place? To comprehend this process, we must first define icebergs. The picture was taken h

Water ice buried at Mars’ equator is over 2 miles thick

The Mars Express orbiter has detected enough water ice buried beneath the Red Planet's equator to cover the entire planet in a shallow ocean if melted. This map shows the estimated amount of ice within the mounds that form the Medusae Fossae Formation (MFF) consists of a series of wind-sculpted deposits measuring hundreds of kilometers across and several kilometers high, indicating that

Earth Itself May Be an Intelligent Being, Suggests New Theory

An artist's depiction of a planet progressing through four stages of intelligence. (Image credit: University of Rochester illustration/Michael Osadciw) How about planets? Can they have minds? This idea, that planets are also conscious beings, seems to be at the heart of a new theory put forth by astrobiologists. The premise of this thought experiment is that bacteria and plants working together

It’s Official: Researchers Have Discovered A Second Earth

Researchers have confirmed the existence of a SECOND Earth located in the Proxima Centauri System. The planet is believed to have oceans just like Earth and may hay host alien life. In the past, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered in the universe, but none of them is like Proxima B. Proxima b, as has been baptized, has very ‘promising characteristics’: it is probably rocky, slig

NASA Scientists Present Theory About Why We Haven’t Met Other Intelligent Life. It’s Crushing.

NASA scientists have explained in a new paper why they believe it’s likely we haven’t ever encountered intelligent extraterrestrial life — and it’s heartbreaking. All intelligent life, they argue, has likely destroyed itself before reaching a sophisticated enough point in evolution to support such an encounter. And the same fate likely awaits humans unless we take action, t

The 14,000-year-old ice age village discovered is 10,000 years older than the pyramids

In their oral history, the Heiltsuk people describe how the area around Triquet Island, on the western coast of their territory in British Columbia, remained open land during the ice age. “People flocked there for survival because everywhere else was being covered by ice, and all the ocean was freezing and all of the food resources were dwindling,” says Heiltsuk Nation member William

Unveiling Earth’s Hidden Secrets: Surprising Revelations in Continental Drift

In a recent groundbreaking discovery, geologists have made an astonishing revelation regarding continental drift, shedding light on the geological history of North America. Massive fissures found in the United States provide compelling evidence of continental displacement, a phenomenon that has shaped our planet over millions of years. The discovery of these fissures came about when a team