Asteroid as Powerful as 50 Megaton Nuke ...

A large asteroid that could someday be headed directly for Earth would pack a tremendous impact force 1,500 times that of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki a

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  • Monday 11, 2019

It’s Official: Astronomers Have Di...

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope discovered an Earth-like planet circling a nearby star within the Goldilocks zone of our galaxy. Kepler-186f is around

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  • Saturday 9, 2019

24 Photos That Show Just How Insanely Co...

Extreme weather events are becoming more and more common, with records shattered down under during Australia's recent heatwave, and now, at the opposi

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  • Friday 1, 2019

Blood moon: This Sunday you can experien...

This weekend half of the world will be able to witness a spectacular ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon‘ total lunar eclipse (a mouthful, we know), according

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  • Wednesday 16, 2019

Elon Musk Plans To Give The Entire Plane...

Elon Musk, despite all the controversies surrounding him, is a genius and a true businessman par excellence. One of his many attempts is obviously his

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  • Monday 7, 2019

When You Die You Actually KNOW You’...

When you die you know you're dead because the brain keeps functioning and you know what's happening around you, chilling new research suggsts. Medica

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  • Sunday 6, 2019

Astronomers Capture the Sharpest Image y...

Looking back 13-billion years into our universe's past, a group of scientists first discovered the monster COSMOS-AzTEC-1 galaxy using the James Clerk

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  • Thursday 3, 2019


Do Stoned Dolphins Give ‘Puff Puff Pas...

The BBC will be airing a cool new underwater documentary on Thursday called Dolphins: Spy in the Pod, where carefully disguised cameras were used to f....

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  • Friday 15, 2019


Priceless Art Found In Paris Apartment V...

In 1939, a Parisian apartment was locked up and abandoned. Seventy years later, an auctioneer stumbled into a mysterious glimpse o....

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  • Monday 8, 2016
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