Photographer Captures Amazing Light Pill...

A lot of spectacular things happen at night, and luckily there is someone to capture them while we're sleeping tight in our beds. Photographer Timothy

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  • Tuesday 7, 2020

Here’s How To Always Win At Rock, ...

Variations of the game of rock, paper, scissors has been settling arguments for hundreds of years. But like most thing, this game is more than just ra

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  • Friday 3, 2020

Why Do Dogs Keep Jumping Off Scotland’...

Scottish dog walkers beware: There is a bridge in West Dunbartonshire that is said to have a peculiar and often fatal effect on pet pooches, who have

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  • Friday 3, 2020

There’s an Unfinished ‘City ...

There's a giant contradiction in the middle of the Arizona desert: an experimental city designed for thousands that now contains only a few dozen inha

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  • Friday 3, 2020

A Strange Black Hole Is Shooting Out Wob...

Some 7,800 light-years away, in the constellation of Cygnus, lies a most peculiar black hole. It's called V404 Cygni, and in 2015, telescopes around t

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  • Friday 3, 2020

What’s 5G, And Why Are People So S...

Earlier this year the Belgian government halted a 5G test over radiation concerns. Switzerland is monitoring risks posed by the 5G network. A member o

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  • Friday 3, 2020

Australia’s Deadly Bushfires Are S...

The bushfires in Australia are now so big that they are generating their own weather, in the form of giant thunderstorms that start more fires, accord

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  • Friday 3, 2020


Rare Video Captures 40-Ton Whale Gleeful...

Scuba diver Craig Capeheart filmed a magical event off the southeastern coast of South Africa when he witnessed a 40-ton humpback whale leaping fully ....

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  • Tuesday 21, 2020


Priceless Art Found In Paris Apartment V...

In 1939, a Parisian apartment was locked up and abandoned. Seventy years later, an auctioneer stumbled into a mysterious glimpse o....

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  • Monday 8, 2016
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