Bugatti Discovered In A Dusty Garage Val...

Iknow I’m not the only one who indulges in the occasional fantasy of discovering something valuable the next time I hit the flea market. After al

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  • Wednesday 20, 2016

Secret Photos Reveal Where Donald Trump ...

BREAKING NEWS: The original habitat used to grow Donald Trump’s hair has been located in Tromsø, Norway, one of the northernmost cities in the worl

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  • Sunday 17, 2016

The Tiny, Practical ”PodRide” Is A B...

Swedish design engineer Mikael Kjellman wanted a bicycle that was weather-protected and more comfortable than the traditional bike. That’s why he de

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  • Saturday 16, 2016

Astronomers in Germany have created an i...

At 46 billion pixels, this is the largest image of space Small section of the photo showing the M8 nebula (Credit: Lehrstuhl für Astrophysik

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  • Tuesday 29, 2016

Chemical Found In Colgate Total Toothpas...

A chemical found in one of North America’s most popular toothpastes, Colgate Total, has been linked to cancer and other harmful health ailments.

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  • Tuesday 13, 2015

WATCH: This Man Unclogs The Toilet Using...

At some point in life, we all have to deal with unclogging a toilet. The typical tool that is used to do this is the plunger. According to New York

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  • Tuesday 13, 2015

WATCH: He Wraps A Matchstick In Foil And...

One of the biggest problems for early man was how to make fire. Some people struck rocks or steel together until they sparked or used glass to chann

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  • Sunday 28, 2014



Yksinkertainen keino, jolla saa uunin ki...

Sotkuisen, rasvaisen ja pinttyneen uunin puhdistaminen on yleensä työläs tehtävä, jota ei millään haluaisi aloittaa. Vaikka hankaisi kuinka....

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  • Friday 9, 2016



How To Take A Regular Old Bra And Make I...

Before you rid your closet of any old bras that have seen better days, you can actually turn them into something functional and cu....

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  • Tuesday 16, 2016
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