A Great White Explores with Her Mouth | Shark Week

A 4.5 meter great white is captured in a dramatic photo while she explores her surroundings–with her mouth.


Mom Can’t Leave Her Wheelchair, But When The Groom Does THIS, I’m Crying

We’ve seen amazing wedding videos before, but never one like this. When her husband Luke danced with his mother on their big day, there wasn’t a dry eye in the…


THIS Is What That Extra Shoelace Hole Is Used For. I Wish I Knew This Earlier!

Have you ever wondered why there is an extra shoelace hole at the top of your shoe? Many running and hiking shoes have the extra hole and most people don’t…


This Guy Places Tea Bags In His Car. The Reason? GENIUS

Nothing is worse than a stinky car. Odors seem to stick around longer and smell 10x worse in heated, small, enclosed spaces. Sometimes automobiles become foul smelling for a variety…


Her Facebook Post Caused A Deadly Crash. When I Saw Her Last Words, I Was Speechless!

ost of us are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, but as technology becomes more and more portable, many accidents are now being caused by texting while driving….


2015 Horoscopes That Are SO ACCURATE It’s Crazy! OMG…

y friend Bryan is semi-obsessed with astrology. Whenever I mention a new boyfriend, he asks about his sign. If I complain about a work colleague, he asks about her sign….


They’re Selling This 1875 Mansion For Nearly Nothing. When I Saw Why, I Got Chills!

In today’s world of boxy McMansions and cookie-cutter pre-fab homes, it can be hard to find a house with character. That’s why I instantly fell in love when I saw…


This Personality Test Is Scarily Accurate – Pick an Eye And See What it Says About You

It has often been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They can tell you a lot about someone. Conversely, the eyes you are drawn to may…


It’s Only 850 Sq Ft, But When You Step Inside, It’s Like Something From A Fantasy…

You can find tiny houses perched on coastal cliffs, nuzzled between tall urban buildings, and if it has wheels, even zipping down a highway. Yet, the most charming of tiny…