Cutest 5-year-old dances to “Shake It Off” and Wins the Internet

This cute five-year-old danced to Swift’s “Shake It Off” to raise awareness for Dwarfism Awareness Month in October. Her name is Rilee and she has Achondroplasia, that’s why it is…


Use This Weird Trick To Peel An Entire Bag Of Potatoes In Under A Minute

I love mashed potatoes. That creamy, cheesy, buttery goodness is enough to make me swoon. As good as they are, we don’t have them that often. It’s because the peeling…



Killer Catfish Hunt Pigeons. A population of catfish have been honing quite a remarkable hunting technique. These catfish have developed a way to catch and eat pigeons by partially coming…

WATCH: Why Is She Putting Ornaments On A Hanger? When You See The Result, You’ll Want To Do It Too.

The word wreath is derived from the old English word “writhen”, which means “to writhe” or “to twist”. That is why traditional Christmas wreaths are made by twisting evergreen branches…


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Harvard scientist urges people to stop drinking “low-fat” milk

Vegans may have had it right all along; while raw, organic milk offers numerous health benefits, a Harvard researcher and pediatrician argues that conventional milk and dairy products alike are…