Pluto Has Been Officially Reclassified A...

Today is a historic day—one that will bring joy to the hundreds of millions of Pluto lovers around the globe. The International Astronomical Union (

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  • Wednesday 7, 2018

The Super Blue Blood Moon Is Making Peop...

There is some serious anticipation for tonight’s super blue blood moon and luna eclipse. A ‘super blue blood moon’ sounds pretty cool, and

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  • Wednesday 31, 2018

Rare moon happens every 150 years – he...

There are many things in life we take for granted; things that will always be there. For instance, consider the moon. It’s there, in the sky, and wh

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  • Sunday 28, 2018

Hubble Just Confirmed The Largest Ocean ...

“The Ganymede ocean is believed to contain more water than Europa’s,” says Olivier Witasse, a project scientist working on ESA’s future Jupite

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  • Thursday 25, 2018

A massive stone sphere in Europe is the ...

Not only have researchers discovered a massive stone sphere in Europe, it is said that the oldest and largest Pyramids are also in Europe. Furthermore

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  • Wednesday 24, 2018

NASA’s Breakthrough Discovery of the F...

On July 23, 2015, NASA announced the discovery of the first truly Earth-like planet. This find comes thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope, which was l

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  • Wednesday 10, 2018

Stephen Hawking Claims This 200,000mph C...

STEPHEN Hawking is leading an investigation into whether the first object ever to arrive from OUTSIDE our solar system is a spaceship from an alien ci

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  • Thursday 28, 2017


What If The Moon Was At The Same Distanc...

Ever wondered what would happen if the Moon was as close to Earth as the International Space Station (ISS)? Well wonder no more, thanks to this video.....

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  • Wednesday 21, 2018


Priceless Art Found In Paris Apartment V...

In 1939, a Parisian apartment was locked up and abandoned. Seventy years later, an auctioneer stumbled into a mysterious glimpse o....

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  • Monday 8, 2016