Puppy Gets Best Present Ever

These dog owners decided to give their puppy the best present ever – a new companion! The dog’s reaction is priceless, and it’ll melt your heart! How do you think your dog would react if you get him a new puppy? SHARE with Dog LOVERS from all over the world. This has to be one of the best surprises you can give to a dog. In the clip, Louie gets a BIG present from his owners: another

Dog Vs Cat: Cute ‘Ninja’ Kitten Shows Doberman Who’s Boss

A CURIOUS kitten launches an adorable attack on a bemused dog in a heart-melting bid for attention. Frisky feline Sophie paws at the dog's snout and quickly runs off before launching another attack. Customs officer Jessica Manning recorded the footage of her two pets Bishop, a three-year-old doberman, and two-month-old kitten Sophie in her home. Sophie was found abandoned in a gas station restro

Dog Passes Out From Overwhelming Joy When This Girl Comes Home After Two Years

You have never heard a scream like this, Casey the Schnauzer let out a true scream of joy when her long-lost sibling came home. Rebecca Svetina and her family dog Casey have been pals for about 9 years, although their relationship has often been long distance. When Rebecca was studying to be a communication major at Kent State University, Casey was only a puppy. In between college breaks, Rebecc

Guilty dog offers baby best apology ever for stealing her toy

If you have an infant and a dog living under the same roof, they’re going to be sharing toys. Naturally, that’s not always ideal—and not just because they’ll be swapping slobber. No, the bigger problem is jealousy. Below, we see a beagle named Charlie step in to seize a toy that had been forestalling a baby girl’s next crying fit. Once he realizes the impact of his selfishness, howeve

The cruellest festival in the world? China advances its summer solstice DOG-EATING celebrations to avoid protests by animal rights activists

Residents have begun killing and eating dogs early in celebration of the summer solstice in a bid to avoid protests by animal rights campaigners. Some residents of the southern Chinese city of Yulin started gathering last weekend and eating dog meat and lychees to celebrate the longest day of the year, ahead of Saturday's actual solstice, state media reported. The locals wanted to avoid protests

A world’s first: Kevin Richardson playing football with wild lions (FULL VIDEO)

This man likes to play football with wild lions. While wearing a suit. What a hero. In this video for Van Gils, who are the official tailor to the Royal Dutch Football Association, Kevin Richardson can be seen tussling with the lions and having a friendly game of football. The lions are affectionate and playful with him but they’re still LIONS. Full grown lions with teeth and claws and a lu

Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack – Cat saves boy

Cat saves boy , Hero cat World's Most Awesome Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack 2014/05/13 A Bakersfield, California boy suffered only minor injuries after what could have been a tragic dog attack was the family cat. Harrowing security camera footage taken outside of the boy and cat's home show the boy playing on his bicycle in the driveway before being attacked, unprov

Couple starved their pet dog Lola for SIX WEEKS… making her so thin you ‘could see every bone in her body’

These stark pictures clearly show the ravages of poor Lola's body after her own owners starved her for six weeks. The animal's spine, ribs and leg bones are clearly visible after Jennifer Plater and Michael Knight's shocking display of ill treatment of the weimaraner breed. Plater, 39, and her 40-year-old partner failed to turn up at court to face joint charges of causing unnecessary suffering t

96-jährige Frau verkauft ihr Haus: Als Käufer nach innen sehen, enthüllen sie ein 72 Jahre altes Geheimnis

Picture 1 of 7 Haben Sie sich jemals den einen Nachbarn angesehen, mit dem Sie nie geredet haben, und sich gewundert, wie sein Haus wohl aussieht? Ob es sauber und aufgeräumt ist oder ein komplettes Durcheinander. Was die Nachbarn sich im Fernsehen ansehen. Ob sie viel streiten. Wir wohnen in einer Wohnung, und manchmal ertappen wir uns dabei, wie wir aus dem Fenster in die uns gegenüberli