Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack – Cat saves boy

Cat saves boy , Hero cat
World’s Most Awesome Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack 2014/05/13

A Bakersfield, California boy suffered only minor injuries after what could have been a tragic dog attack was thwarted…by the family cat.

Harrowing security camera footage taken outside of the boy and cat’s home show the boy playing on his bicycle in the driveway before being attacked, unprovoked, by the neighbor’s unleashed dog. But before the dog can drag the boy down the driveway, in comes family cat Tara like a bolt of righteous fucking lightning to attack the dog and chase it away. Shortly thereafter, the boy’s mother runs into the shot and picks him up.

Un chat californien sauve un bambin des crocs d’un chien

Un chat californien a joué les héros hier en en sauvant un jeune garçon des griffes d’un chien pour le moins agressif. Et des caméras de surveillance ont capté toute la scène.

L’incident s’est déroulé à Bakersfield, une ville située à mi-chemin entre Los Angeles et Fresno, en Californie.

un jeune garçon se déplace à vélo dans la cour d’une résidence. Un autre angle de caméra nous montre un chien s’amenant du côté opposé dans la cour. Un véhicule sépare la bête de l’enfant. L’animal contourne ensuite le camion et se rue sur la jambe du bambin, qu’il saisit violemment dans sa mâchoire. Le gamin est projeté au sol et secoué par le chien.

C’est à ce moment que surgit le chat d’en dehors du cadre, à toute vitesse. Le félin se projette alors sur le chien, qui perd immédiatement son empoigne sur le garçon.

Selon la mère de l’enfant, quelques points de suture ont été nécessaire pour soigner la blessure à sa jambe. Il se porte bien.

Le chien appartiendrait à un voisin de la famille.

Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack. hero cat saves little boy from dog. watch the cat save boy from dog attacking him. from dog attack watch hero cat save this little boy from dog. dog attacks young boy but cat saves him. watch the cat rescue young boy from dog attack. dog bites boy but cat saves him. cat save lil boy from attacking dog (Warning: video shows dog cats saves boybriefly attacking boy’s leg and the dog bites he received.) Home surveillance video showed how a little boy in Bakersfield, Indiana was saved by a cat. cats saves boy The mother shared the video with local news station 23ABC and described the events seen in the video. Her little boy was cat saves boy from bad dog attack playing on his bicycle when a dog snuck up on him and started attacking his leg. RELATED: Man Given One Day to Get Rid of Barking Dog The family cat, Tara, sprung into action and slammed into the dog, chasing it away. The video also shows the injuries the boy suffered and the stitches he needed to get as a result of them.

Hero Cat Saves Young Boy from Dog Attack In Bakersfield
Cat saves young boy from dog attack – hero Cat saves little boy dog attack cat rescue saves boy cat fight with dog to save young …
Hero Cat Saves Young Boy from Dog Attack In Bakersfield
The footage, from a surveillance camera in Bakersfield, Calif., via a local ABC affiliate, shows a young boy playing on his bike.
Amazing Surveillance Hero Cat Saves Young Boy from Dog Attack in Bakersfield, Cali



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