Couple starved their pet dog Lola for SIX WEEKS… making her so thin you ‘could see every bone in her body’

These stark pictures clearly show the ravages of poor Lola's body after her own owners starved her for six weeks. The animal's spine, ribs and leg bones are clearly visible after Jennifer Plater and Michael Knight's shocking display of ill treatment of the weimaraner breed. Plater, 39, and her 40-year-old partner failed to turn up at court to face joint charges of causing unnecessary suffering t

Beautiful World – Iguazu Falls (hd) Video & Music

Beautiful World - Iguazu Falls 1080p HD Music: Zero Project - Neverending dream

Beautiful Nature & Animals (hd) Video

Nature & Animals 2 (1080p HD) Two Steps From Hell - "After The Fall" Coastline - "Adriatic Sea" Two Steps From Hell - "False King"

Don’t worry, it just means he loves me: Polar bear trainer’s jaw-dropping photos

Grizzly man Mark Abbot Dumas is the only man in the world who can touch a polar bear. The fearless animal trainer even goes for dip in a swimming pool where he and 16-year-old polar bear Agee enjoy a watery cuddle together. Back on dry land he wrestles with the 60-stone (800lb) beast in her enclosure and bravely lets Agee clamp her huge jaws around his head. Mouthy: Agee clamps her jaws

The Amazing Mating Dance of the Peacock Spider

This is the peacock spider Maratus volans. Jürgen Otto was the first to film this spider's mating dance. Credit: Jürgen Otto View full size image The animal dances and lifts up its tail-flap, which, once unfurled, resembles an abstract Indian blanket of intense color. The tiny creature hops about, lifts up its legs alternately like an air traffic controller, gesturing this way and that

Man Tries to Hug a Wild Lion, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

When you hear of someone trying to hug a wild lion, you immediately think you know exactly what’s about to happen. But trust me when i say, you will not see this coming. Kevin Richardson is a South African Zoologist who over the years has conducted extensive research on the native animals of the African plains. If this was any one other than Kevin trying to hug a lion, we may have had an al

The Lion Soaking: Lioness takes no chances as she carries nine-week-old cub across fast-flowing river

Her jaws clamped firmly around the scruff of her tiny cub’s neck, this plucky lioness is taking no chances as she tackles a risky river crossing. As her nine-week-old youngster dangles beneath her, the mother skips gingerly between impromptu stepping stones. These stunning images capture the heart-stopping moment the lioness braved choppy waters, clasping her little one’s nape, as she ma