How To Build An Outdoor Cob Oven For $20

Technology has brought the art of making food to a new level which may in fact ruin someone on the long term if they don’t have the necessary knowledge of dealing without the appliances and devices at our disposal nowadays. Try baking something without fossil fuels or electricity for a week and you’ll find out how really hard that is. But if you’re lucky enough to have the space for a cob oven, you can make it just fine. For building the oven from scratch, you will need some hard work, positioning the stones for the foundation, continuing with filling with clay mortar, making the arch doorway and cob dome, and finishing with clay or sand mortar between the bricks. It could take you days, but with recycled materials, you would only spend some 20 $ on the entire structure. Then, you won’t have trouble baking a tasty pizza right into the wood-fired DIY oven. With some bread, tomatoes, peppers and cheese, you too could make a natural and delicious meal. All without technology! The DIY movement is surely the alternative.



  1. Jeanne Svhouten says:

    Need a car badly

  2. Fffh says:

    They taste like pork

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    most kool!!