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First “Super Moon” Of The Year Will Be Visible July 12

doesn’t have a perfectly circular orbit around the Sun, our moon follows an elliptical orbit as well. The point in the orbit when the moon is closest to Earth is called perigee. When the moon is full in this location, it is referred to as a perigee moon. Because of its proximity, it appears slightly larger and brighter and has earned the nickname of “super moon.” There are five of these th

10 animals that might become extinct in the next 10 years

Chances are you won't see these rare animals at the local zoo because their population is down to the last hundreds. In some cases, it's much worse than that with only a couple left. Some of these animals you've never heard of but others on the verge of extinction are related to animals you know and love—like certain types of tigers, frogs, leopards, turtles, dolphins, etc. In 10 years, they m

19 Year Old Develops Machine To Clean The Oceans Of Plastic

Plastic might be a cheap, versatile and useful material, but it’s also an environmental disaster. We produce around 300 million tons of plastic per year, and since 1950 we have produced around 6 billion metric tons of the stuff. It’s clogging up landfills, becoming trapped in Arctic ice, polluting our oceans and harming wildlife. Recently, we heard the results of a survey of the seafloor off

NASA wants to send a quadcopter drone to Titan

NASA wants to search Saturn's moon Titan for life but they're having trouble coming up with a good way to cover a large territory and obtain samples. Now they think they may have a good solution: A 22-pound quadcopter that will work from a mothership. After reading about it, it's a really cool idea. Larry Matthies—a Senior Research Scientist and the supervisor of the Computer Vision Group

The science behind double tornadoes

Twin tornadoes can mow down small towns in minutes, and although unusual they can develop in several ways. Most tornadoes, either single or double, are associated with supercell thunderstorms, which have a large, vertical column of rotating air. When wind blows in different directions and at varying speeds, supercells tend to form tornadoes. This is where it gets tricky. Jane J. Lee has done

Underground water reservoir with 3X as much water as Earth’s oceans found 700km deep in Earth’s crust

This could be where the oceans come from The image above, which shows all of the Earth’s surface water in one place, gives you an idea of how big this new discovery is. Scientists have found, about 700 kilometers deep in the Earth’s crust, a very large reservoir that holds about three times the water volume that can be found in the ocean. The water is trapped in a type of blue rock called r

Enigma – Age of Loneliness [Enigmatic Club Mix] Beautiful Nature [Hd]

Enigma - Age of Loneliness [Enigmatic Club Mix] Beautiful Nature [Hd] The best vocal-remix song from Enigma.. All copyright from Enigma and Emi music.

Orphaned baby rhino snuggles up to keepers and won’t sleep alone after witnessing his mother’s brutal killing

Poignant new footage captures an orphaned baby rhinoceros seeking solace from its keeper. Four-month-old Gertjie is seen nuzzling a female member of staff from the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in South Africa with his nose. In a bid to get closer to her, the thick-skinned creature rolls down on to the floor and affectionately lays his head on her lap. Creature comforts: Poignant new f

Meet NASA’s Newest Design for a Warp Drive Ship

As some of you may have heard, scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center are working on warp technology (did your little Trekkie heart just skip a beat?). Alcubierre warp drive via Anderson Institute In 1994, physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed a new kind of technology that would allow us to travel 10 times faster than the speed of light without actually breaking the speed of light. Sound

Vangelis – Beautiful Planet Earth [HD]

Vangelis - Beautiful Planet Earth [Hd] Music: 1) Anton Firtich - Rain Over The Ocean ''Cramp Piano Mix'' 2) Vangelis - Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria