Great White Invasion – Paddling With a Shark

Watch GREAT WHITE INVASION Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 9PM e/p only on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. | http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/shark-wee… | Shark expert Chris Fallows paddle boards with a great white shark off the coast of South Africa in this clip from “Great White Invasion.” Can he keep his balance?

Brave Divers Remove Hooks From Sharks

A diver sedates a shark by flipping it upside down to remove a hook protruding from its mouth. Friends Cameron Nimmo and Randy Jordan have made it their mission to help sharks that have been pierced with fishing hooks and remove them from their mouths, noses, and bodies. The hooks are often left in the sharks after being caught and released by fishermen. The pair, who go by the name Shark Addict

Dolphin Stampede Overtakes Whale Watching Boat

A huge pod of about 1,000 Common Dolphins stampeded off the coast of Dana Point, California, like a herd of wild horses. This has happened twice recently though it is very rare. The line of wild dolphins could be seen from miles away churning up the water and, to the delight of whale watching passengers and crew aboard Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari, the dolphins turned and stampeded

Woman Was Sitting on Her Kayak in a Bay When.. wow holy crap…..

While kayaking in Monterey Bay and watching a huge raft of sea lions that had come up right in front of these kayakers , a bus-sized humpback whale suddenly rose up out of the water only 10 feet from one of their boats. It was making a b-line toward the boat. Humpbacks are graceful and fully aware of their size and of their surroundings, so the kayaker wasn’t scared (at first) but was certainl

As Something Swam Up To Our Boat, NOTHING Prepared Us For What Came Next. INCREDIBLE!!!

I cannot believe this!! For most boaters, it’s the thrill of a lifetime to see a whale up close and personal. Judging by this video, it’s just a thrill for some whales to see people, too! While swimming through Mexico’s San Ignacio Lagoon, a gray whale calf and his mom approached a boat filled with tourists. As the tourists reached over the side to try and touch the whale, the mother li

Massive grouper fish eats five foot shark in one bite

I wasn’t familiar with the Grouper fish before I saw this video, so it’s good to know there’s yet another sea creature out there that could swallow a human whole. YouTube user Gimbb14 was fishing off the coast Bonita Springs, Florida, when he managed to snag a five foot long black tip shark. Sadly, the ocean is a cruel mistress, and she didn’t think this particular fisherman was wo


GREAT WHITE SHARK BITES SHARK IN HALF August 20, 2014 - ocean - Tagged: animal, latest, Ocean - no comments A 10-foot shark was bitten nearly in half by a ‘monster shark’ twice it’s size – and that Great White is still on the prowl off the coast of Queensland, Australian officials said. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Swimmers were warned that a “mo

‘Salmon Cannon’ Allows Safe Migration Around Hydroelectric Dams

While hydroelectric dams are able to generate electricity without coal or oil, they act as obstacles for wildlife, and migrating salmon in particular. When salmon are ready to reproduce, they migrate from the sea back upstream into rivers, where they spawn on gravel beds. Swimming upstream requires the ability to fight against obstacles including rapids and up over drop-offs. Traditional ladders f

Shark Week Is Lying To People Again

Almost 40 years on, scientists and conservationists are still picking up the pieces from the iconic movie “Jaws” that led the world to believe that sharks are ferocious man eaters. Sparked by fear and the idea that shark catching is “sexy,” numerous species experienced a worrying decline as man started to belligerently hunt and kill them. So why is it that, once again, the Discovery Chan

Lucky anglers catch THREE extremely rare opah fish in one day

Most fisherman would consider themselves lucky to catch one elusive opah fish in their lives, but one recreational fishing boat landed three in one day this on recreational fishing boat landed three in one day last week while searching for Yellowtail tuna off the coast of southern California. San Diego-based Excel Long Range Sportfishing, which takes groups out on multi-day fishing trips, poste

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