14 beautiful X-ray images that shed a unique light on nature

Take a regular X-ray image, invert it and add color. What do you get? Gorgeous art. Seeing nature through a different lens Arie van 't Riet's intriguing art was inspired through his work in the medical field. After a friend of his asked him to X-ray a painting — something much thinner than the human body X-rays van 't Riet was familiar with — he was inspired to move on to an even thinn

Neanderthal Gene Cluster More Common in Europeans

Neanderthals are not entirely gone. Their DNA lives on within us, but more in some people than others. People of European ancestry are much more likely to have inherited a bundle of Neanderthal variants in their genome as compared to those of Asian or African descent. The genes responsible for the breakdown of lipids (fats, fat soluble vitamins and sterols among others) are particularly li

Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad Begins On April 15

Where to see the eclipse Continents seeing at least some parts of the eclipse: West in Europe South/East Asia Much of Australia Much of Africa Much of North America Much of South America Pacific Atlantic Indian Ocean Antarctica Total eclipse visible in: Locations being able to see at least parts of the Total part. Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil Guatema