Giant Spider! World’s Biggest Spider Giant Huntsman Spider

Worlds Largest Spider! The Giant huntsman spider is huge, but not deadly to humans. Biggest in the world, the Giant Huntsman Spider was just recently discovered in 2001 in a Cave in Laos. Their torso averages about 2 inches long but it's their leg-span which earn them the title as the biggest spider in the world as they can extend to 12 inches long which is about the size of this dinner plat

ELEPHANT ATTACK: Chasing the truth with Andrew Ucles – Ucles vs Africa

Wild man Andrew Ucles takes you directly into the danger zone of Africa with an elephant attack. Using his unique understanding of animal behavior and his ability to get in up close and personal to these majestic beasts he soon finds himself in a race trying to out run a large African Elephant before he is nearly trampled to death. The sound of an African Elephant chasing you down is only half t

Baby elephant falls at zoo, but it’s OK! Herd races to the rescue

Baby Omysha, the youngest resident in the Zurich Zoo's Krachan Elephant Park, is still learning the tricky business of putting one leg in front of the other. But luckily for the little pachyderm, when she does take an inevitable tumble, she's got a herd of help standing by. A video from one zoo-goer shows Omysha taking a stroll that led to taking a tumble. While the misstep left her upside-down

This Swan’s Dad Is SO Mad! But… It’s Hilarious

Swans are very protective parents. The male swan, called the ‘cob’, can be very aggressive in order to protect his young. Earlier this year, Simon went out to rescue a cygnet that was stuck in a fence, near the River Thames. He had to face a very angry cob that wouldn't let anybody near his poor baby.

Targeted for his tusks – an African icon is saved

Spotted from the air by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Aerial Surveillance Team, an African bull elephant was seen to be struggling to keep up with a number of other male elephants he was travelling with in the vast Tsavo National Park. DSWT Pilot Neville Sheldrick immediately recognised this all too familiar suffering, and a swelling on one of the bull’s hind legs confirmed to him that

Tiny Horse: Cute Steed Suffers From Dwarfism

A tiny horse called Acer is believed to be Britain’s smallest steed at just 22 inches tall. Acer lives with his owner Maureen O’Sullivan at her Miniature Horse Farm in Corringham, Essex. The three-year-old sleeps in a small stable, plays in the field and even wanders around the family home. The little equine is best friends with a Labrador called Demon, who stands inches taller than the tiny

Lions attack! Lionesses defend their cubs against intruding males!

Three lionesses defend their two cubs against two new males who have come for a takeover! Luckily for the lionesses the new males are quite nervous and insecure and so are relatively merciful in their behaviour. Filmed in 2011 in Zambia's Kafue National Park by Nat Geo.

Lion Attack: Lioness Attacks Man In Home

THIS shocking footage shows the terrifying moment a lioness sinks its claws into a man's back. The attack took place during filming for a TV documentary in the Czech Republic in November 2013, but the footage has only just been released. The lioness had been domesticated since birth, but disaster nearly struck when she attacked one of the production team in the living room. Luckily, the owners w

Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

A POD of killer whales have been filmed for the first time hunting and killing a TIGER SHARK. The footage, which is believed to be a world-first, was captured off the coast of Costa Rica by underwater photographer Caroline Power and British marine biologist Nicholas Bach. It shows three killer whales working as a team to force the panicked shark to the surface, wearing it down and taking opportu

The Best Trained Dog Ever!

I’ve seen a dog do a lot of things but never anything like this… What do you think about dog training?