Eye color of Van cats are divided into three groups

Eye color of Van cats are divided into three groups. Both eyes blue (always turquoise blue), both eyes amber color (yellow and shades, rarely brown) and single-eye (Heterochromic, ie one eye blue and the other eye amber ones in color) he is grouped. Blue, turquoise blue, while always feature can be seen in different shades of amber. However, blue-eyed Van cats are also among their a) blue eyed s

Emma and Cinnamon | Little Girl and Horse Are Best Friends

Meet Emma, the girl, and Cinnamon, the mustang, the cutest best friends out there! With the help of her dad, Emma takes Cinnamon for a walk in the snow. That horse really loves Emma, you can tell…

Wait, Did The Dog Just Say I Love You?

It’s usually parrots that have the reputation for repeating what their owners say to them, but this time it’s a cute, little pup wrapped in clothes that tells its owner he loves her. And trust me, if you’re into dogs like me, your heart will melt :)

8 Signs Your Cat Is Actually A Dog

Wait is this a dog, a cat, a cat that looks like a dog, I’m confused :) Does your cat do any of these things?

She Told The Chimp She Had Lost Her Baby. What The Chimp Did Next Was Heartbreaking

After reading this story you will understand how motherhood and loss are universal. Washoe, an exceptionally smart chimpanzee who knew sign language, was not happy with her caretaker Kat, who hadn’t visited for some time. However, when Kat told her that Washoe had recently lost her baby, Washoe indicated signs for grief. She even made signs for crying, even though chimpanzees are not able to cry

Our Horse Kept Disappearing, So We Set Up A Camera To Find Out Why… Now We Know!!

No one at the Misty Meadows Farm could figure out how all the horses were getting out of their stalls. It was a complete mystery and even the neighborhood teenagers were getting questioned as pranksters. That’s when the farm owners finally set up cameras to see what was actually going on. What they saw shocked them all… but not in the way you’d expect. It turns out that one black beauty

Caught On Camera: Curious Cheetah Uses GoPro As A Chew Toy

Caught On Camera: Curious Cheetah Uses GoPro As A Chew Toy SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out: A CURIOUS cheetah uses a GoPro camera as a chew toy - while sat on the roof of a photographer's jeep. The footage was taken by snapper and filmmaker Boris von Schoenebeck who was observing a group o

The incredible bond between human and horse

The bond and mutual trust between horses and humans is absolutely amazing! Here's a great example showing how special it can really be. Credit to 'Showisi'. Search 'Showisi' for more!

This is the Best Commercial of the Season…

John Lewis is an upscale department store chain and let me tell you, everyone loves their new Christmas ad! As a matter of fact, I now want a penguin, even if I can only afford a stuffed one… You’ll want one too!

Rudolf and Friends in the Wild…

Have you ever wondered how Santa’s raindeer get along? Well, check this video… It’s obvious it’s them… I can at least recognize Rudolf!

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