Eye color of Van cats are divided into three groups

Eye color of Van cats are divided into three groups. Both eyes blue (always turquoise blue), both eyes amber color (yellow and shades, rarely brown) and single-eye (Heterochromic, ie one eye blue and the other eye amber ones in color) he is grouped. Blue, turquoise blue, while always feature can be seen in different shades of amber. However, blue-eyed Van cats are also among their a) blue eyed short, velvet furred and b) blue eyes and long silky fur cats he divided into two.
Van cat in, the eyes of newborn kittens is greyish color. 25 days after the birth of the cat starts to change eye color and eye color after 40 days. Most of Van kittens with one or two black points between ears of the one-eyed. And this black point is taken as stamp of single eye cats.

Van cats like dogs have different eye color, where doves and people are known to have a genetic defect syndrome of this feature. Most blue van has a yellow-eyed cat

Are produced only at the Ankara Zoo in the world. [Citation needed] in the Van Centenary University “Van Cat Research and Application Center” is located. [4] [5]