Moonrise above Boston Light, America’s first lighthouse located on Little Brewster Island in the Boston Harbor. When I shared an image of the moonrise

Video by @babaktafreshi | Moonrise above Boston Light, America’s first lighthouse located on Little Brewster Island in the Boston Harbor. When I shared an image of the moonrise @natgeotravel, some believed it was photoshopped, not knowing about my 20 year career in night sky photography, and not familiar with these type of extreme telephoto shots where the foreground is far enough to appear smal

Heres a new timelapse sequence taken above the fog at Mount Tamalpais.

Here are a collection of films shot using Timelapse Photography. All of these films are available for stock Licensing in both HD and 4K Resolution My obsession with chasing the fog on Mount Tamalpais comes together in this 90 second timelapse video that spans one and half years of foggy sunrises and sunsets just north of San Francisco, CA. When the conditions were right, I would set my al

Incredible Timelapse Shows Storm Dumping Tonnes Of Water In Alpine Lake

This was the moment an amateur filmmaker captured the incredible spectacle of a storm dumping tonnes of water into an Alpine lake. 27-year-old Peter Maier, who is from Carinthia in Switzerland and works as a fitter in the energy industry in Basel, filmed the precise moment of the weather anomaly – known as a wet microburst – in a time-lapse video during a stay at the Lake Millsatt in Aust

Incredible 30-Day Journey Of A Cargo Ship In A Timelapse Shows What Most Of Us Will Never See In Our Lifetimes

Ever dreamed about a life at sea? Many of us have dreamed of leaving it all behind, heading off to live the romantic life of exploration and adventure that only sailing the vast, open oceans can bring. Alas, for most people the life of a sailor remains just that, a dream. Luckily for us dreamers we have people like Jeffrey Tsang, a Canadian maritime vlogger, sailor and photographer on a contain

Couple Lets Their Dog Film Their Wedding And The Result Is Better Than Most Wedding Videos

While most of us these days are looking for professionals to record our wedding in a nice and polished way, Addie and Marshall Burnette decided to hire their husky instead! They strapped a GoPro camera to their doggy and let her run around freely during the ceremony on a Roan Mountain, Tennessee, where the couple had their first date 10 years ago. “It was cold and magical,” Marshall writ

It’s Official: Researchers Have Discovered A Second Earth

Researchers have confirmed the existence of a SECOND Earth located in the Proxima Centauri System. The planet is believed to have oceans just like Earth and may hay host alien life. In the past, thousands of exoplanets have been discovered in the universe, but none of them is like Proxima B. Proxima b, as has been baptized, has very ‘promising characteristics’: it is probably rocky, slig

Have You Ever Seen Aurora Australis? It Just Lit Up The Australian Sky And It’s As Amazing As Its Northern ‘Sister’

When we talk about auroras, we usually mean the Northern Lights but this time an amateur photographer captured them on the other side of the globe! The stunning color display illuminated Australia’s skies, and Philip Dubbin recorded everything in a dazzling timeline. Dubbin, 53, is an IT worker by day but one night he headed to the Mushroom Reef in Melbourne, along the Mornington Peninsula.

For $596 Nikon’s Coolpix P900 Point And Shoot Camera Has Insane Zoom Feature That Shows The Moon Moving

There are nice cameras and then there are insanely nice cameras. Nikon’s Coolpix P900 is one of the insanely nice cameras, although in the world of photography it comes with a pretty affordable price tag. For $596 you can own a camera with zoom capabilities that far surpass the competition, in fact this camera can even capture the movement of the moon. Nikon’s point and shoot camera, the Co

He Rolls Beef And Cheese Into Bacon. The Result? I Can’t Stop DROOLING!

Humans were bestowed with many earthly delights — like fire, the wheel, and bacon. Bacon is delicious and, despite popular belief, it is also nutritious…for our souls. What would we be as a people without bacon? I’ll tell you — hungry. Or hangry. The result of being both hungry and angry, because without the existence of bacon we’d have a pit of intangible sorrows bubbling deep with

Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids, Only To Come Home And Find House Is Completely Different

Audrey, a single mother of three, had to go to the hospital to get some tests done. She asked her neighbor Tisha — a mother of five and a Las Vegas bingo cashier — if her three kids could spend the night at her house. Tisha and her husband agreed to take the kids for the night, even though their home was cramped enough as it was. Audrey’s test results came back. She was diagnosed wit

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