It Took Me 6 Months To Finish This Time Lapse Video Of Lithuanian Night Sky

I am Tadas Janušonis, a photographer from Lithuania, and I’m crazy about the night sky. This video is made only from single photographs and it took me nearly half a year to complete. I have spent hundreds of hours camping, hiking and photographing in the total darkness and I took thousands of photos. Lithuanian sky is very unique because it has very little light pollution compared to the

Enigma – Age of Loneliness [Enigmatic Club Mix] Beautiful Nature [Hd]

Enigma - Age of Loneliness [Enigmatic Club Mix] Beautiful Nature [Hd] The best vocal-remix song from Enigma.. All copyright from Enigma and Emi music.

10 Reasons Norway is the Greatest Place on Earth (HD)

Looking for a fantastic new travelling adventure? An awe-inspiring destination to explore? Then you should add Norway to the top of your list. It’s hands down one of the most gorgeous places on earth, with plenty of natural scenic beauty, a community of happy people, and a fascinating history. If that’s not enough to get you to start packing your bags, here are 11 more reason

A Fox Steals A Man’s Golf Ball And Has The Time Of His Life!

In this cute animal video, a baby fox has a great time messing with these golfers golfball. Adorable!

Jaw-Dropping Time-Lapse Of A Supercell

Supercells are one of the four major types of storm. These long-lasting thunderstorms are rare, and to say they pack a punch is an understatement. They often produce severe weather such as violent winds, hail and tornadoes. A characteristic feature of supercells is the presence of a mesocyclone, which is a deep rotating updraft. Although tornadoes are not inevitable with this type of storm, it is

Beautiful Earth Café del Mar (Orchestral Version) LOWLAND (hd) Video

Pure Relaxation – The Most Beautiful Mountains 1/2 (Wonderful Chill Out Music)

World s Most Beautiful Mountains is easily one of the most visually impressive offerings in the Living Landscapes series. ... Some of the most awesome footage in Mountains comes from the Mountain Temples of the Himalayas....incredibly beautiful imagery, frequently utilizing reflections of various peaks caught in the tranquil and mirror-like waters of mountain lakes...New Zealand s Queensland off

Bryan El – Solaris XL (Amazing Space Music Video) [Hd]

Music: Bryan El - Solaris XL (Original Mix) Amazing universe images with great music from by Bryan El.

Beautiful Earth ~ Dark Moon (hd) Video

Beautiful Earth, we are your keepers. In this video: Eclipse, Volcano, Eyjafjallajökull, Via Lactea Music: Thomas Bergersen - Rada

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