They Built A Brand New Floor With Recycled Wooden Pallets

Whether it’s an ugly pattern or cheap material, bad carpeting can completely destroy home decor. The Instructables user below suffered from that problem, until she decided to construct a brand new floor with her bare hands and some inexpensive wood. “Our pantry floor was a disaster. Or, the tiny scary purposeless room we turned into a pantry had this horrible cheap carpet in it,” wrote

Transform A Pair Of Old, Worn-Out Jeans Into An Adorable Denim Handbag

It’s hard to say goodbye to a favorite pair of jeans. Even when they’re covered in stains and fraying at the seams, throwing out a pair of worn-in blue jeans is a heartbreaking experience that we’ve all been through. Even though all jeans will inevitably fade and fray, there are things you can do with your old jeans to memorialize them and turn them into something fun and new. For i

14-Year-Old Beautifully Transforms 1974 Camper With Her Own Bare Hands

We’ve seen plenty of amazing camper transformations — like this adorable little micro camper. But rarely do we see them come from teenagers, who made all of the purchases from their own pocket! That’s what makes Ellie Yeater’s adorable camper transformation so amazing. After purchasing an old, used 1974 model that was in much need of repair, she set to work, spending many hot su

This table costs $7.99 at IKEA. The number of things you can do with it? I’m flabbergasted!

Picture 1 of 10 Many people are familiar with the LACK side table from IKEA. Whether in white or black, it stands in many homes and is used for many things. But who knew that with a little tinkering, this simple table could become a work of art!   You've certainly seen the LACK table before: Picture 2 of 10 But now take a look at the many possibilities!  Picture 3 of 10

She Put A Long PVC Pipe Up On Her Wall And Grabbed The Spray Paint! The Result? GORGEOUS!

She keeps PVC pipes on her wall above the windows and the reason why is genius! No matter what you’re trying to update, there’s always a way to make it an affordable version! That’s what Shelley Detton from the blog, 7 Layer Studio, discovered when she decided to redo her office on an small budget. Sometimes, the most expensive furnishings are the ones you don’t expect to be. Thi

Garage Door Becomes Gorgeous Dining Room Table

Home renovations often birth beautiful new living spaces and, inversely, yield a lot of waste. When Instructables user jmitch77 renovated his garage — swapping out its heavy, old, red pine door for a lighter, aluminum version — he tasked himself with gifting the beautiful original door some sort of new second purpose in his family’s lives. After using part of it to craft himself a nice

Family Of 6 Lives Together Inside This Awesome RV Camper

How on earth does a family of six — Mom, Dad and four growing kids — fit into a home less than 300 square feet?! You’d be surprised. In this video, Heather Harger opens her doors to show viewers how her big family manages to live comfortably in their camper home. Belongings are kept to a minimum and pieces of furniture serve dual-purpose. Even still, the atmosphere is bright, fun and

She Put IKEA Bookshelves Sideways On The Floor In A U-Shape. A Few Steps Later? Perfect For Any Small Room!

She bought a bunch of shelves from IKEA and now uses them in the bedroom for THIS! After her daughter moved into a new apartment that was extremely small, one crafty mom came up with the best solution that saved space while creating a ton of storage. KT shared her project on the blog, IKEA Hackers, and it’s a great idea that anyone could implement in their own home! She used IKEA Expedit

Cozy farmhouse cottage has modern remodeled interior

Picture 1 of 7 This peaceful Tennessee farmhouse cottage doesn't look exceptionally impressive from the outside, but the inside of it is a dream come true. The house is surrounded by a horse pasture, and horses can be seen from all angles in the house. While the exterior looks aged, the interior of the home was renovated in 2015. Picture 2 of 7 The farmhouse's exterior features a quaint

Her Kitchen Counters Were A Mess Until She Did THIS… What An Amazing Trick!

New kitchen counters and cabinets can be a beautiful thing. People spend thousands of dollars upgrading them to the latest and prettiest styles they can find. But while you can make everything look great, how do we actually make our kitchen more usable? And isn’t that what really matters? Personally, I like to stock up on goods when they’re on sale so my kitchen cabinets end up turning into a