Her House Looked Normal From The Outside, But When They Walked In, They Were SHOCKED!

Picture 1 of 8 Lillian of County Clork, Ireland has just revealed a shocking secret about her humble suburban home. Though it may look ordinary from the outside, it’s anything but once you step inside! Everyone has a private obsession. For most, it’s usually something simple, like a shelf of Special Moments figurines. For others, it’s a bit quirkier, like a collection of 46 bridal bo

Portable woodstove folds down, heats up tents, yurts & tiny homes

#1 Camping often means getting comfortable with bugs, sleeping bags, temperamental weather and other joys of the outdoors. But besides building a nice fire to keep warm, or using a DIY rocket stove, sometimes it's nice to bring some heat into a chilly tent. This portable wood stove design -- which can conveniently fold down to a compact, easy-to-carry package -- might just do the trick to h

There’s Actually A Right Way To Fold Socks…And This Is How You Do It!

I have a confession to make: my sock drawer is essentially a war zone. There are tattered casualties of rough wash-and-dry cycles and soldiers without partners backing them's just a mess. To add to the chaos, I never bother folding socks because any manner just seems to make them look messier. But that all changes today. You see, this is the right way to fold socks. Never again will

This ‘Granny Pod’ Could Be The End Of Nursing Homes Everywhere. This is Brilliant!

#1 A New Way Of Living Introducing a revolutionary cottage that will allow seniors private care, right in the backyards of their families! This will change how life happens in those later years. #2 The Granny Pod The idea behind this new type of home is to allow the family member privacy, while simultaneously providing quality care. So far, three different Granny Pod models ha

She Almost Tossed Her Old Cooler. Instead She Spent $30 To Make Something Incredible!

1 / 11 My idea of a perfect night is gathering with some friends on the back porch in the summer, listening to some music, talking, playing games, and enjoying ice cold beers or other beverages as we watch the sunset. A must have for any gathering such as this is a cooler or ice chest for keeping all of the drinks cold. Most people have one of those standard plastic coolers that you c

Crafty Dad Builds This AMAZING Daybed Made Of Grass

Just because you have a bare outdoor space in your yard doesn’t mean you can’t be one with nature and enjoy the luxury of a lawn. In this video, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens, Jason Hodges transforms a barren concrete courtyard into a comfy, vibrant day bed out of grass — and it’s perfect for a backyard picnic or an afternoon nap. What a cool, creative idea! First, Jason construc

Self Feeding Fire That Lasts A Whopping 14 Hours

If you haven’t seen this amazing self feeding fire you’ll be in for a surprise. You’ll for sure want to try this out on your next camping trip. If you follow the direction in the video you can get this self feeding fire to burn up to 14 hours. I can also withstand a pretty good rain. Could this be used in a survival situation? Maybe, but one thing you’ll have to admit it’s a diff


THE ROOM IN ROOM IS THE SOLUTION TO ENERGY-SAVING HIBERNATION Images source: iKamper When the weather outside is frightful, it’s a good guess that your heating bills will be too. And while the energy conscious turn their thermostats down at night and throw on a comforter or two, sleeping in winter can still be a drafty experience. One company wants to make the experience a little cozi