Lion Attack: Lioness Attacks Man In Home

THIS shocking footage shows the terrifying moment a lioness sinks its claws into a man's back. The attack took place during filming for a TV documentary in the Czech Republic in November 2013, but the footage has only just been released. The lioness had been domesticated since birth, but disaster nearly struck when she attacked one of the production team in the living room. Luckily, the owners w

Orcas Vs Shark: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

A POD of killer whales have been filmed for the first time hunting and killing a TIGER SHARK. The footage, which is believed to be a world-first, was captured off the coast of Costa Rica by underwater photographer Caroline Power and British marine biologist Nicholas Bach. It shows three killer whales working as a team to force the panicked shark to the surface, wearing it down and taking opportu

The Best Trained Dog Ever!

I’ve seen a dog do a lot of things but never anything like this… What do you think about dog training?

Leopard Attack: Leopard Jumps From Tall Tree To Ambush Impala

We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out! A cunning leopard dives from a tree into an unsuspecting group of impala – and emerges from the pack with breakfast. The sneak attack caused the herd to flee in fright – except for one poor animal that was stuck in the female cat’s vicious grasp. Within seconds the attack was over – a

Giraffe saves days old calf from pride of lions

This footage was taken from Kicheche Bush Camp ( in the heart of the Olare Motorogi Conservancy in the Masai Mara by seven time Kicheche visitors Bill and Barbara Westbrook. " Each time I think we can never beat the last,' Barbara says 'but this was remarkable, going on for almost half an hour as the mother protected her calf ferociously from the young

This Guy Never Thought He Could Break His Dog’s Heart. The Result: This Is So Powerful

Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Your friends are counting on you. Enjoy Budweiser responsibly. #FriendsAreWaiting

I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Have Nighmares Tonight!

These men were boating down the river somewhere in Brazil when they came across this huge Anaconda! And it looks like it’s just had a snack!

Elephant crashes the pool party

Best chicken fight partner ever. And at least he was polite enough to not knock over the beer. PS, this wasn't zoomed it, this was actual distance. **UPDATED: This is NOT a chlorinated pool.

Crocodile Attacks African Elephant at Watering Hole

When a mother elephant decides to take a drink from a river, she is unaware that there is danger lurking right below the surface. A huge 10 ft crocodile decides to latch its jaws onto the unsuspecting elephant's trunk. The young elephants watch helplessly as the crocodile attacks and the mother fights back. This event calls to mind a short story by the author of "The Junglebook" Rudyard Kipli

This is why you don’t throw gum outside.

This is why you don't throw gum outside. (With a three-year-old's commentary.) Hummingbird rescued!

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