Winners Of Nature “inFocus” Photo Contest Capture Incredible Moments On Earth (37 Pics)

The Nature inFocus Photography Contest honors talented photographers who document unique natural history moments and critical conservation issues and generate an impressive catalog of imaginative and artistic images every year.

Radha Rangarajan, who is the editor of the contest, told Bored Panda: “The Nature inFocus Photography Contest began back in 2015, and this is the 7th edition of our contest!” The winners and finalists of this year’s contest were announced on November 22 via a live YouTube event. More than 2,000 photographers from 40 countries submitted nearly 18,000 photographs featuring amazing images of nature.

In the images below, you can see the winning and finalist pictures of this year.

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#1 The King’s Feast

The King’s Feast

“Every year, a jury is appointed by us, and the members of the jury are a mix of wildlife and environmental photographers, scientists, journalists, and filmmakers. This is done to ensure that we have a well-rounded approach in understanding all aspects of an image. The jury members select the winning images based on creativity, originality, composition, and technical as well as artistic considerations. The contest is open to all, participants from all over the world are welcome to submit. There is a special category for young photographers who are 17 years of age and under,” Radha told us about the evaluation process of the submissions.

#2 The Resting Monarch

The Resting Monarch

#3 Catwalk


When asked about how the winners are chosen, Radha explained: “Over multiple rounds of judging, the jury and the organisers shortlist images based on various technical and artistic considerations. All the finalists are contacted for RAW image verification, post which the jury members score and decide the final winners. We follow a rule of complete anonymity, where none of the jury members know who the participants are, and the images are judged purely on the merit of each individual photograph.”

#4 Pay Through The Nose

Pay Through The Nose

#5 Blue Symphony

Blue Symphony

“There are 6 main categories and each category winner takes away a cool cash prize of Rs 50,000 (INR). The runner-up wins Rs 25,000 and the second runner-up wins Rs 10,000. All the winners and special mentions get trophies and certificates. Additionally, they get worldwide media coverage and features on our social media channels,” Radha told us about the prizes for the winners.

#6 A Bush Elephant

A Bush Elephant

#7 After ‘While Crocodile!

After ‘While Crocodile!

The creators of the contest are happy about the success they’ve had: “Every single year all of us on the organising team are overwhelmed and inspired by the sheer quality and quantity of submissions that come in. Photographers are constantly pushing the boundaries of technical and artistic excellence and we are in a lucky and unique position to witness this progression, first hand. We are privileged to be in the company of such talented photographers from all over the world, and glad to be able to provide a huge platform for them to showcase their work.”

#8 The Illusionist

The Illusionist

#9 Northern Lights

Northern Lights

#10 Hamster Wheel Of Life

Hamster Wheel Of Life

#11 The Old Man And The Forest

The Old Man And The Forest

#12 Evicted


#13 Plastic Island

Plastic Island

#14 Going Astray

Going Astray

#15 Hop Into The Limelight

Hop Into The Limelight

#16 A Hiss In The Canopy

A Hiss In The Canopy

#17 Spider Dreams

Spider Dreams

#18 City Lights

City Lights

#19 Tag, You Are It!

Tag, You Are It!

#20 Wool In The Snow

Wool In The Snow

#21 A Heritage Sight

A Heritage Sight

#22 Entrapment


#23 Toxic-City


#24 Who Let The Bees Out!

Who Let The Bees Out!

#25 Bear In The Woods

Bear In The Woods

#26 Love Is Orange

Love Is Orange

#27 Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust

#28 Cut To The Chase

Cut To The Chase

#29 Nose-To-Tail Diet

Nose-To-Tail Diet

#30 Neon Night

Neon Night

#31 Something In The Rain

Something In The Rain

#32 Swarm The Sun

Swarm The Sun

#33 Rush Hour

Rush Hour

#34 This Divided Land

This Divided Land

#35 Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

#36 Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

#37 Fishing For Rubbish

Fishing For Rubbish