Why’d She Do THIS To The Turkey Before Cooking It? What A GREAT Trick!

Even though a lot of us are making a meal for the entire family (and extended family) on Thanksgiving, why does it seem like the majority of cooking is being done by one person? This is supposed to be a holiday about everyone being together (and sometimes, dressing up their pets), not one person spending all their time in the kitchen.

If you’re the one who usually does most of the cooking in your house, you’ll be glad for this video. There’s a way to cut the cooking time of your turkey in half, while still maintaining a juicy, crispy bird! If you spatchcock a turkey, you increase its surface area and reduce cooking time.

Of course, if you don’t want to do the preparation, you can easily take it to a butcher for a quick chop before cooking.

Personally, I’ll try anything that makes my holiday a little less stressful, so I can’t wait to use this secret tip!