When She Slices Into The Cake? My Jaw Dropped!

If you’re tired of making the same old birthday cake every year, this next recipe is for you. The double rainbow birthday cake is one tasty treat that children will love to make and eat!

In honor of Bigger Bolder Baking’s first birthday, YouTube star and cook Gemma Stafford demonstrates how to make the colorful birthday cake in the video below. She says sweet tooths of all ages will love this recipe, so let’s get baking!

She shows how to use colorful layers of yellow cake, buttercream frosting, and food dye to create the eye-popping treat. The video is a little lengthy, but it’s worth watching through to the very end.

At 7:17, she shows off the final product and reveals what the cake looks like inside. The vibrant pop of colors is beautiful! What birthday girl or boy wouldn’t be delighted with this brightly colored rainbow cake? Can you imagine their surprise when they cut into it?

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