Video: police officers save baby deer trapped in soccer net

It’s a police officer’s duty to help those in need, whether they be human or animal. Recently, a pair of police officers stopped to help a baby deer caught in a soccer net — an inspiring moment caught on camera.

The City of Westlake Ohio Police Department received a call on May 27 from a concerned citizen who found the baby fawn trapped in a net in their backyard, according to a Facebook post.


The neighbors had tried to save the fawn themselves, but the baby’s mother was protective and wouldn’t let them get close.

The officers arrived on the scene and started helping the baby deer, who was helpless and screaming.

Bodycam footage shows how the officers carefully use tools to cut the net strings off the deer.


Their mission is a success: as soon as they get the last bit of net off the poor fawn, she runs free, presumably joining her worried mother.

The department said it was all part of the job, though most cases “don’t involve a cute spotted Bambi,” they wrote. “Another good job.”

Watch the video below:

Thank you for saving this poor baby deer! We’re so glad she’s safe now ❤️