Veterinary Surgeon Reveals Cat And Dog Breeds He’d Never Buy And Explains Why

If you’re an animal lover, I’m sure you have your personal preferences of what dog or cat breed is best. “I think Australian shepherds are the perfect dogs because they are so mild-mannered and smart!” “Well, I think dobermans are the best dogs because they are loyal and will always protect me!”Whether you want a cuddly companion, a partner for outdoor adventures or an animal to help ease your anxiety, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before adopting a dog or cat. It’s always wise to do some research online to help determine the perfect breed for you, perhaps even on TikTok.Veterinary surgeon Ben, or Ben the Vet on TikTok, has recently shared videos noting which cat and dog breeds he would personally never own and why. Below, you can find Ben’s full explanations, as well as an interview we were lucky enough to receive from him and some of the replies his videos have received from viewers who wanted to chime in. We would love to hear your thoughts on the comments as well, so feel free to let us know if you’ve ever had any of these breeds. Then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article noting which popular pet breeds are prone to devastating health problems, you can find that right here.

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Ben the Vet has been sharing which dog and cat breeds he would personally never buy to inform viewers of potential behavioral and health issues

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Ben first notes that he might adopt these animals if they were in a shelter, but he would not go out of his way to purchase them

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He then broke down which cat breeds are not his personal favorites

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Later, Ben shared another video noting 5 dog breeds that he would not choose to purchase


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He went on to explain his reasoning for preferring other dog breeds over these


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It can be tempting to choose a pet purely based on what looks most adorable, but that is not always the most ethical choice. To gain more insight on this topic, we reached out to Ben the Vet via Instagram. First, we wanted to know why it’s so important to be aware of the health risks before welcoming a new pet into your family. “Health is too often overlooked when people are choosing what breed they are going to get. But it’s such an important consideration,” Ben told Bored Panda. “Nobody wants their pet to get sick – it’s horrible for the pet and their owners. But sadly some of today’s most popular dog (and some cat) breeds are sadly very prone to particular health problems, that are linked to their appearance, or due to their genetics.”
“You might fall in love with a breed, but doing your research and finding out a particular breed is prone to health issues might encourage you to choose a different breed that is less likely to suffer problems,” Ben explained. “Or if you are set on a particular breed, you can make sure you pick the right breeder who does their utmost to reduce the risk of health issues – and make sure you are prepared financially to treat their health problems, should they arise.”But health isn’t the only important factor to consider before getting a new pet, Ben says. “You also need to make sure that the dog you want to buy, or adopt, is appropriate for your lifestyle,” he noted. “If you live in a flat in the center of a city, and don’t have 1-2 hours a day free to exercise a dog, a Vizsla wouldn’t be for you, for example.”When it comes to what breeds Ben would recommend, he has a TikTok discussing his top 5 dog breeds right here. And while he doesn’t currently have a dog because him and his wife work long hours and also have a one-year-old to take care of, he says that one day he would like to get a rescue dog, as they end up with strays or unwanted dogs at his vet clinic from time to time.

“But if I was going to choose a particular breed, I’ve got a big soft spot for Labradors,” Ben shared. “They do have some health issues they are particularly prone to though, especially joint problems hip and elbow dysplasia, so if I was buying a puppy I would make sure the parents had been fully screened for some of these issues. I’m also a greyhound fan – they’re gentle giants, and there are so many needing homes after their racing careers end that I would definitely have to consider one.”

Finally, Ben urges readers to resist the temptation to get a dog breed based on looks or being in fashion. “Think especially carefully before getting a brachycephalic/flat faced breed,” he added. “I treat enough of them to know why they are so popular – but I see so many of them suffer with multiple serious health problems and sadly have seen many pass away at a young age. No dog should have to suffer so much because of their appearance – it’s heartbreaking.”

If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to be a vet or gain more knowledge about your favorite animals from Ben, be sure to follow him on TikTok right here.

And if you’re ever unsure about whether or not you should be supporting the breeding of a certain animal, why not head to your local animal shelter instead? There are always dozens of precious dogs and cats just waiting to be adopted into the perfect homes, and you don’t have to worry about supporting any questionable breeding practices. We would love to hear your thoughts on Ben’s videos in the comments. Have you ever owned any of these breeds? And if you’re still interested in this topic, you can find another Bored Panda article breaking down the most health-issue prone animal breeds right here.

Many viewers chimed in with their thoughts in the comments, with some sharing their personal experiences with these breeds