“Uninhabitable” 1887 House Is Lovingly Restored To Its Former Glory

Picture 1 of 12. Talk about a creepy house!

For a long time, a house in York, PA, stood falling apart, its shingles and siding crumbling, and its once-beautiful details being slowly hidden under layers of dust and rubble.

It didn’t always look like the sagging, washed-out shadow of its former self, though. Built in 1887, this house was designed in the Queen Anne style, which features a lot of delicate brick detailing, contrasting trims, large porches, and lots of beautiful decorative details.

The five-bedroom, three-bathroom house was beautiful and solidly built, but everything needs care if it’s to stay in good shape. And sadly, no one had cared for this house in a very long time, and had no one stepped in, the house might have been a total loss.

Luckily, though, someone saw its potential, and the value in restoring a piece of architectural history. After all, seeing different kinds of old buildings gives character to any area, and teaches us about what happened in days past. As one makeover showed us, there was a time when people bought their houses in kits from Sears.

Check out the makeover that this old house underwent, and see how beautiful it is today.