Turn Your Old Sweater Into Cute And Cozy Mittens With This Genius No-Sew Hack!

I almost never go shopping, but I swear, every time I open my closet door, I have more stuff! That’s why, if you ask me, there’s nothing more satisfying than going through my drawers and weeding out everything that I never use.

Almost everything goes straight to Goodwill, but every now and then I come across an old favorite that was retired due to an unfortunate rip or a particularly stubborn smudge that defeated all of my best stain-removal methods.

I would never donate something damaged, but it seems like a waste to just throw out all of that perfectly good material. Fortunately, I’ve discovered that there are about a million ways to “upcycle” damaged clothes.

For example, it’s easy as pie to get a perfect pair of leg warmers out of an old sweater! And if you have more sweaters where that one came from, it turns out that you can also put them to work as an impossibly cute pair of mittens!

Even better, this hack is way easier than I thought it would be! I saw “mittens” and panicked, but all it really takes is a pair of scissors and some fabric glue! Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

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