Truck Driver Reunites With His Long Lost Cat After A 5-Month Search

Ashes is quite the traveler, more so than any cat I know! He’s been on the road with his owner, Matthew, in his 18-wheeler for years. They were inseparable, until last July when Ashes suddenly vanished!

Credit: lollypopfarm

It happened at a truck stop in Springfield, Ohio. Matthew took a quick break, but Ashes slipped out and disappeared into thin air. Matthew searched high and low, but Ashes was gone, and they were far away from home.

Matthew was heartbroken. His beloved companion was missing, and he had to keep driving. Even though it was tough, he had to continue his journey. 

Over the next few months, Matthew did everything to plan out a route crossing that spot, just so he could look for Ashes again and again. He never gave up hope and, as we’re about to find out, neither did Ashes!

While Matthew tirelessly searched, Ashes fought to survive. He endured the cold and hunger, determined to hold on until he and Matthew were reunited. Months later, a compassionate woman named Kimberley found him hiding in the bushes.

She named him Smokey and brought him to Lollypop Farm, an animal shelter in Newport, New York.

It was there that they discovered his real identity – he was Ashes all along!

Finally, after five long months, the call came. Matthew changed his route and headed straight for New York. His furry companion was alive and well, waiting for him.

Their reunion was simply heartwarming. Matthew couldn’t take his eyes off Ashes, and Ashes was overjoyed.

“It’s that microchip, without it, I wouldn’t have ever gotten him back. The woman that wound him saved his life, but the microchip brought him home.”


I’m so relieved these two friends are back together after such a long separation. I can only imagine the pain they both felt. Especially for Matthew, not knowing if he’d ever see his furry buddy again was unbearable.

Luckily, their story has a happy ending. I hope you enjoyed witnessing their heartwarming reunion as they continue their journey together.