This Scared Cow Started Crying Out of Fear. Until She Realized Where She Was Going!

Emma is a beautiful German dairy cow who recently had a heart wrenching nervous break down.
Earlier in the day, Emma was loaded onto a trailer and taken away from her home. Out of fear of not know where she was going, Emma began cry.

From her perspective, her whole world was being turned upside down. But her fear was quickly replaced with calm happiness as she was released to the rolling hills and green grass pastures of Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary in Germany.

When she arrived at the sanctuary. many of the cows came up to greet her, as if to say welcome home, and that everything is going to be okay. Emma’s tears quickly turned into joyful happiness, as her and her new family begin to freely roam the pastures.

This surprising story of Emma’s journey is beautiful, but often not the case. If it wasn’t for the animal rights group who procured and released her to the sanctuary, Emma’s tears would’ve have been justified, as she would’ve most likely been sent off to a slaughter house.

But luckily and thanks to the amazing people at the animal rights group, Emma is allowed to live out the rest of her life in happiness and bliss with her new family.

What a beautiful ending to what could’ve been a heart breaking story.



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