This ‘Pop-Up’ Tiny House Takes True Comfort Off The Grid

Tiny House Swoon

With tiny-house living taking the world by storm, builders of these one-of-a-kind residences have gone to further and further lengths to impress people with their creativity and skill.

There seem to be an endless number of tiny-home ideas, from teardrop campers to small houses built tens of feet off of the ground — like this amazingly futuristic tiny home in the sky.

But few of them capture the comforts of home, the rusticity of off-the-grid living, and the beauty of unique architecture quite like this “pop-up” tiny house.

Posted on Tiny House Swoon from builder Patrick Romero, this tiny house includes quite a few pop-up features as part of its exterior. And the interior looks just like any brand-new or stunningly modern home.

Scroll through below to take a glance inside this tiny house that truly takes comfort off the grid. I would live somewhere like this in a heartbeat!