This Family Built The Most INSANE Thing In Their Backyard. Can You Believe This?

A gorgeous backyard playground with five waterfalls, a 300-foot lazy river and a hidden cave? Yes, please.

No, really. This actually exists, and you can build one in your very own back yard. It’s called ‘The Ultimate Backyard Escape’ and it’s amazing. This one you’re about to see, located in Utah on a European-style estate and built for a whopping two million dollars, is a 360,000 gallon getaway. It’s seriously every adventurer’s dream come true. Not only can you dive, swim and explore this stunning pool and it’s surrounding lush land, but you can also swim through a tunnel deep enough for scuba diving, and scoot down a hidden water slide! And from the looks of it, it’s an absolute blast.

Also included in the Escape? A fully-functioning kitchen, a stunning grotto, granite countertops, stainless steel cabinets… and the list goes on and on. Sheesh!! If you had a cool two million dollars, would YOU buy this insane masterpiece of a creation?

So… how badly do you want to be there right now?

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