This Adorable Hen House Is The Perfect DIY Upcycle

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While many people enjoy farm fresh eggs, not everyone has the benefit of owning their own chickens.

But for those who do — like this woman who is obsessed with raising chickens — the expenses can really add up. Fortunately, one clever DIYer figured out how to combine her love of chickens with her love of upcycling to make something truly unique.

I found this project on from user Hen_House_Rocks. She wanted to start raising her own hens years ago but wasn’t able to scrape together the money for coop materials. Instead, she used a bit of imagination and some recycled materials to make a completely unique and cost-efficient DIY hen house for her backyard!

Scroll through below to see just how she easily she was able to transform her children’s old playhouse into a one-of-a-kind coop for her hens.