They’re Selling This 1875 Mansion For Nearly Nothing. When I Saw Why, I Got Chills!

In today’s world of boxy McMansions and cookie-cutter pre-fab homes, it can be hard to find a house with character.

That’s why I instantly fell in love when I saw this exquisite Victorian home. With its large bay windows, Mansard roof, and gingerbread trim, it has all the makings of a living dollhouse.

But when I saw how much it’s listed for, I was stunned. Why on earth would a 10-bedroom, 6,661-sq-ft home built in 1875 be so cheap?

So I started doing a little investigating — and what I found shocked me. This was clearly no ordinary historic home.

Just like this strange home from the same era, the S.K. Pierce mansion house contains a chilling secret, and it seems to have lowered its market value.

What do you think about this hair-raising house? Would you live here despite its haunting past?
In 1875, a wealthy chair manufacturer named Sylvester K. Pierce designed and built a magnificent Victorian home.
This beautiful Massachusetts home boasts 10 beds, 2.5 baths, 11-foot ceilings, marble fireplaces, and all-original windows, doorknobs, hinges, and floors.
So with all of those exquisite details, how could the owners possibly ask for just $329,000? That’s roughly the same price as an average 3-bedroom home!
As it turns out, this beautiful mansion is listed as one of the most haunted homes in all of New England.
Over the years, in the hands of many different owners, seven individual deaths have been documented in the house, including a strangled prostitute.
The house experiences so much paranormal activity, it’s been investigated by TV shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventure, My Ghost Story, and 10 Most Haunted Places in New England. So who is it still roaming the halls of this gorgeous mansion? Some say they’ve seen the figure of a busy servant girl; others, a little boy who stares longingly out the front window; to some, a sad woman has appeared.
Considering the many different forms the house has taken — a private home, a Freemason hall, a brothel — it’s seen quite the number of colorful figures.
In fact, many of commenters have claimed to see a ghost in one of these photos. To see if you agree, click on to the next page to see the figure…
Take a look at the ceiling. Many of commenters claim to see the face of a ghost. Do you see it?
But when the previous owners moved into the home, they had no idea it was rumored to be haunted. They were happy to live in the gorgeous, historical mansion.
But just a couple of weeks after moving in, the couple began to experience strange and terrifying things. They saw objects move, heard chants and whispers, and smelled foul odors throughout the house.
The activity intensified. Soon, shadows darted from room to room, the door of their master bedroom was banged upon, voices called their names, and full-body apparitions began to appear.
Investigators have also witnessed many chilling phenomena. During one nighttime exploration of the house, they recorded a strange voice that seemed to say, “Squeeze every throat.”
In another investigation, the ghost hunters asked the room, “Who is the current owner of this house?” The response very clearly stated, “Lillian.” That was, indeed, the name of the homeowner.
But despite its many chilling mysteries, this house has a charming appeal. Throughout the years, it’s drawn the company of Norman Rockwell, Calvin Coolidge, Bette Davis, and P. T. Barnum.
Considering its hair-raising past, would you live in this Victorian mansion? I thought I knew my answer, but now I’m not so sure…
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