The Much-Anticipated Comedy Wildlife Photography Contest 2022 Has Finally Announced Its Winners (16 Pics)

Whether you pursue photography as a hobby or a profession – it would be fair to say that it’s a fulfilling, rewarding, and equally important endeavor.

Just think about it, you see pics on massive billboards all around the globe; they’re all over the internet, your school’s history books, and chocolate bars – plus, chances are there’re a couple of photographs hanging on your apartment wall right now.

In short, they’re everywhere!

Photography allows us to capture a moment forever and, perhaps, even see the world from a different perspective. Not everybody gets the chance to travel and witness the diverse beauty of our planet; however, thanks to folks who dedicate their lives to such careers, we’re able to get a little peek.

Moreover, let’s not overlook the importance of photography in the realm of entertainment – specifically speaking, everyone’s favorite Comedy Wildlife Photography competition that’s been around for nearly a decade. Today, the contest announced its 2022 winners, so move your chair closer and get ready for a fun ride!

You can also check out our recent article on this year’s finalists.

More info: Comedy Wildlife Photography

#1 Highly Commended: “Hello Everyone” By Miroslav Srb

Highly Commended: "Hello Everyone" By Miroslav Srb

I photographed raccoon on a Florida beach, where I fed him shrimps. Then he thanked me like that.

The US photographer Jennifer Hadley is this year’s Overall Winner, but let’s first get to know her before we jump in and discuss the incredible piece that won the hearts of the competition’s jury.

“I live in Raleigh, NC, with my husband, two kids, four dogs, and six cats. I left my corporate career in mid-2021 to pursue wildlife photography full-time. I started seriously photographing about three years ago and have only grown to love it more and more. I photograph all wildlife, but my favorite are big cats, bears, and wolves. I’ve traveled all over the world to capture animals in their natural habitat, but Africa and Alaska are my favorite and most frequented areas,” said the winner of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards in her NANPA statement.

Well, I think we’re all eager to know what the story behind Jennifer’s amusing winning snap for CWPA is, so here’s what she had to say about it: “This 3-month-old cub and his sibling were in a tree. The other lionesses were in other trees and on the ground. He wanted to get down and walked all over the branches looking for the right spot and finally just went for it. It was probably his first time in a tree and his descent didn’t go so well. He was just fine though after landing on the ground. He got up and ran off with some other cubs.”

#2 Winner Of Affinity Photo 2 People’s Choice Award: “Talk To The Fin!” By Jennifer Hadley

Winner Of Affinity Photo 2 People's Choice Award: "Talk To The Fin!" By Jennifer Hadley

This was shot on the Falkland Islands. These two gentoo penguins were hanging out on the beach when one shook himself off and gave his mate the snub.

The universally beloved contest is known to hold 7 competitions: “The Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures of the Land” category, which is dedicated to wildlife that lives on land; “The Spectrum Creatures in the Air” category that’s all about flying creatures; “The ThinkTank Photo Junior” category that is made for kids with a talent; “The Amazing Internet Portfolio” category, for a collection of 4 images either connected or unconnected (although the founders say that if you opt for a connected theme, you’ll get more points!); “The Underwater” category for those who live underwater; and finally, “The Video Clip” category, where you can enter up to two vids, with each of them no longer than 60 seconds.

Now, what’s even more exciting is that Jennifer has managed to win an Affinity Photo 2 People’s Choice Award title. The woman named her other work “Talk To The Fin!” and I think we can all agree that this is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

“This was shot on the Falkland Islands. These two gentoo penguins were hanging out on the beach when one shook himself off and gave his mate the snub,” Jennifer said about her shot.

#3 Highly Commended: “Excuse Me… Pardon Me!” By Ryan Sims

Highly Commended: "Excuse Me... Pardon Me!" By Ryan Sims

A duckling walking/waddling across a turtle covered log at the Juanita wetlands, the duckling fell off after a few turtle crossings, it was cute.

#4 Highly Commended: “Tight Fit!” By Mark Schocken

Highly Commended: "Tight Fit!" By Mark Schocken

I was going to see and photograph this eastern screech owl nest in a local park in Florida. One morning, a few days before the two owlets fledged, one owlet tried to squeeze into the nest hole with Mom, maybe to see the outside world for the first time. It was hilarious and I was glad I was there that morning to photograph it. The moment lasted only a few seconds as Mom didn’t seem very happy with the arrangement. Check out the expression on her face.

Bored Panda contacted the press representative of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, Michelle Wood, and asked her to give us a brief description of the contest: “It’s a funny wildlife photo competition that’s open to everyone and free! We like to do things a bit differently, so there is only one stipulation, as long as the image is comic and makes us laugh, you can enter and maybe even win! We support a conservation charity, Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) – and we try and do our best to champion sustainability on all levels.

We also asked Michelle about the importance of wildlife photography: “That is such a massive question. It is hugely important for the survival of the planet, let alone our [human] race, and as humans, we are doing our best to destroy it. We need to try and work out a way of living together with wildlife rather than wiping out habitats and resources that once gone, cannot be restored. It’s a ticking time bomb.”

#5 Overall & Land Category Winner: “Not So Cat-Like Reflexes” By Jennifer Hadley

Overall & Land Category Winner: "Not So Cat-Like Reflexes" By Jennifer Hadley

This 3 month old cub and his sibling were in a tree. The other lionesses were in other trees and on the ground. He wanted to get down and walked all over the branches looking for the right spot and finally just went for it. It was probably his first time in a tree and his descent didn’t go so well. He was just fine though after landing on the ground. He got up and ran off with some other cubs.

#6 Highly Commended: “Pegasus, The Flying Horse” By Jagdeep Rajput

Highly Commended: "Pegasus, The Flying Horse" By Jagdeep Rajput

Actually this is Indian Saras Crane attacking a Bluebull from behind, the bull happened to venture close to Saras’s nest, where in, it had laid a single egg. The Saras Crane, which is tallest flying bird in the world, opened it’s huge wings and attacked the bull from behind, driving the bull away from the nest.

Since the competition is such a big thing that happened to earn the respect of basically every netizen and every individual who knows how to manage a camera, we wondered about the judging process: “It’s fairly quick and not at all complicated. The judges simply score each image out of 20 and the one with the highest score wins. We love the little comments they leave next to the images. Russell Kane, one of our judges, was hilarious with his responses,” replied Michelle.

We also absolutely had to ask the spokesperson about her personal favorites: “In addition to the Overall Winner, there were a few that I absolutely loved; Michael Eastwell’s Kangaroos ‘It’s all Kicking off!’ was one, and also ‘Monkey Wellness Centre by Federica Vinci.”

#7 Portfolio Winner: “Football Dream” By Jia-Chen

Portfolio Winner: "Football Dream" By Jia-Chen

Coopers Hawk, Ontario, Canada.

#8 Highly Commended: “Jumping Jack” By Alex Pansier

Highly Commended: "Jumping Jack" By Alex Pansier

A red squirrel jumps during a rainstorm, so you can see the drops flying around.

#9 Highly Commended: “Fight Back” By John Chaney

Highly Commended: "Fight Back" By John Chaney

This salmon decides to punch the bear in the face rather than be lunch.

BP also enquired as to whether Michelle had any advice for those wishing to participate in the competition the following year: “Just get out there and take lots of pics, most of it is luck and being in the right place at the right time. Our winner this year, Jennifer Hadley, nearly didn’t enter and her winning image was a complete fluke but that is the joy of it.”

Last but not least, when we asked Michelle if she had any additional comments, she responded as follows: “We have a new book out, with images from the last two competitions, which would make a great stocking filler, and 10% of sales go to WFN, so by buying one you are directly helping out the wildlife we are appreciating in the competition.”

#10 Highly Commended: “I’m Gonna Strangle You!” By Emmanuel Do Linh San

Highly Commended: "I'm Gonna Strangle You!" By Emmanuel Do Linh San

I was following a group of meerkats on foot in the Kalahari Trails Game Reserve, in South Africa. Most individuals, including adults, were in a playful mood. It gave me a unique opportunity to capture very interesting and dynamic interactions between some members of the group. In the photo that I have selected, there is no aggression between individuals, but rather an interaction that reminds us of humans when one of your friends jokes about you and you pretend to strangle them and, in response, they open their mouth like a simpleton.

#11 Winner Of Underwater Category: “Say Cheeeese” By Arturo Telle Thiemann

Winner Of Underwater Category: "Say Cheeeese" By Arturo Telle Thiemann

A couple of triggerfish looking into the camera, captured at the Azores.Even they may look funny, these fish can be quite aggressive. In this case they didn’t attempt to bite me, but the domeport of my camera housing ended up with some scratches… life is hard… at least it wasn’t me who was hurt.

#12 Highly Commended: “It’s All Kicking Off!” By Michael Eastwell

Highly Commended: "It's All Kicking Off!" By Michael Eastwell

Apart from its beauty, Cape Hillsborough is renowned for its resident kangaroos and wallabies. I visited the area for three consecutive sunrises, but it was on my final morning that I captured this beautiful spectacle, two wallabies playing / fighting on the beach as the sun burst through the surrounding clouds.

#13 Highly Commended: “Monkey Wellness Centre” By Federica Vinci

Highly Commended: "Monkey Wellness Centre" By Federica Vinci

Walking near a cambodian temple where groups of wild monkeys lived, I came across this scene: a wild monkey in total relax, while its friend was taking care of it.

#Winner Of Air Award: “Misleading African Viewpoints 2” By Jean Jacques Alcalay

Winner Of Air Award: "Misleading African Viewpoints 2" By Jean Jacques Alcalay

Hippo yawning next to a heron standing on the back of another hippo.

#15 Winner Of Junior Award: “I CU Boy !” By Arshdeep Singh

Winner Of Junior Award: "I CU Boy !" By Arshdeep Singh

Few hundred miles away we went to explore wildlife of a small town named ‘Bikaner’. It was after almost a year I travelled because of covid. We hired a guide to explore places around. During last day of our trip we came across a pipe in a city where we spotted an owlet. I have earlier clicked owls in a pipe before so I was sure that I wasn’t mistake. We waited for a short while and it didn’t take a long time and one of the spotted owlet came out of the pipe. It was really funny when he came out and looked at me straight, before going inside he closed one of his eyes and felt like he wanted to say I CU boy ! and I immediately snapped a picture when he gave this pose.

#16 Highly Commended: “Keep Calm And Keep Your Head” By Martin Grace

Highly Commended: "Keep Calm And Keep Your Head" By Martin Grace

Two King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) at Volunteer Point in the Falklands. The right hand bird may have an inscrutable expression but it must be wondering where its mate’s head has gone. Perhaps it is a Rudyard Kipling scholar: ‘If you can keep your head when all about you. Are losing theirs and blaming it on you.