The science behind double tornadoes

Twin tornadoes can mow down small towns in minutes, and although unusual they can develop in several ways. Most tornadoes, either single or double, are associated with supercell thunderstorms, which have a large, vertical column of rotating air. When wind blows in different directions and at varying speeds, supercells tend to form tornadoes. This is where it gets tricky. Jane J. Lee has done

How Fire Tornadoes Form (PHOTOS)

As if tornados aren't bad enough on their own, sometimes air can swirl around and make a whirlwind that has considerable amounts of water (waterspout), dirt (dust devils), or even fire (fire whirl). No sharks, however. Sharknadoes are definitely not a real thing. But who needs that when there are literally cyclones made out of FIRE?! Fire whirls aren’t associated with thunderstorms and aren