Once in a supermoon…Skies over the world were lit up last night by the largest moon for 20 years as it reached closest point in its orbit of the Earth

The world waits for it to get closer every single year and it is truly a sight to behold, and that is indeed the fantastic Supermoon. Now, the time has come for Supermoon 2014, and sky-watchers need to know the best ways to view the moon and make sure they are ready for the best times to be outside and get a glimpse of it. On Aug. 9, 2014, the Independent revealed some of the info you need to

First “Super Moon” Of The Year Will Be Visible July 12

doesn’t have a perfectly circular orbit around the Sun, our moon follows an elliptical orbit as well. The point in the orbit when the moon is closest to Earth is called perigee. When the moon is full in this location, it is referred to as a perigee moon. Because of its proximity, it appears slightly larger and brighter and has earned the nickname of “super moon.” There are five of these th