Melting glaciers will destroy our planet

Melting glaciers will destroy our planet 5055 5 According to research scientists from NASA and the University of California, due to the melting of Antarctic glaciers global sea level rise in the foreseeable future to a critical level, which will lead to a large-scale disaster on the planet. Due to global warming and the ozone hole over Antarctica in the western part of the Antarctic ice

Dramatic increases in sea-level are now inevitable, according to a new study.

The calving front of the Thwaites ice shelf in Antarctica is seen on October 16, 2012. The melting shelf is causing the glacier behind it to collapse, a new study suggests. A massive glacier system in West Antarctica has started collapsing because of global warming and will contribute to significant worldwide sea-level rise, two teams of scientists warn in a pair of major studies released Mon

Newly-discovered active volcano could erupt underneath ice in Antarctica and add to effects of global warming, say scientists

A newly-discovered active volcano could erupt underneath Antarctica, melting the ice from below and compounding the effects of global warming, according to scientists. Researchers discovered the volcano underneath the ice after setting up devices to measure tectonic activity across Marie Byrd Land in the west of the continent. Scientists had intended to use the seismograph machines to help in th

Photographer and Leopard Seal Come Face-to-Face

photo credit: Paul Nicklen/National Geographic/YouTube Leopard seals are huge predators who mostly live in and around Antarctica. Though they will eat small fish and krill, they are the main predator for penguins. These seals can reach up to 3.5 m (11.7 ft) in length and tip the scales at up to 600 kilograms (1,320 lbs). They have massive sharp front teeth used for shredding meat and can