Spend The Night In a Glass Igloo Looking Up At The Northern Lights

Deep inside the snow-covered woodlands of Finland, you can find the Arctic Fox Igloos located at one of the shores of Lake Ranuanjärvi. If you stay in one of the luxurious igloos, you can experience the amazing Northern Lights right from the comfort of your own bed.

The bedroom is covered with glass walls and offers a double bed. The room also has a kitchenette and even a private sauna. All of the igloos are facing the lake and are immersed in the beautiful arctic landscape. Its remote setting makes it the ultimate location for the viewing of the Northern Lights. The incredible view isn’t all, however, there are a lot more activities you can do.

ou can go on an arctic safari where you can explore the wilderness on snowmobiles or alongside reindeer or huskies. During the warmer period of the year, you can go on a tour of the Ranua forests, canoe across the lake or meet local polar bears.

In between the snow-covered forest and Lake Ranuanjärvi you will find the luxurious Arctic Fox Igloos.

Due to the glass walls you can enjoy the stunning surroundings without any obstructions.


Lay back, relax, and enjoy the Northern Lights from the comfort of your own bed.