She Ripped Holes Into A Perfectly Good Dresser. Why? BRILLIANT!!

If you’re a cat person, you get it. Cats are awesome. They’re cuddly, adorably cranky, have minds of their own, and their reaction to a simple paper sack can entertain you for days.

I mean, they’re truly the cat’s pajamas.

But with all the fabulous things a feline can bring into your life, there’s one aspect about kitties that really stinks — the litter box.

It’s the worst! Yet it’s a small price to pay if you love having a cat climb and pounce around your house.

But what if you could have your cake and eat it too? What if you could have a litter box that was cleverly disguised and blocks the odor…right in the middle of your living room! Wouldn’t that be purr-fect?

One Reddit user, Oddly_Specific, did just that. She came up with a brilliant solution to kitty pollution…
The first thing she needed was a secondhand dresser. One was found at a recycling center for $45. Next, the drawers were removed.
Lines were drawn on the sides of the dresser.
Holes were then cut out…
…And doors with hinges were added to the frame.
The dresser was brought inside and decorative trim was added.
Once the trim was in place, four old drawers were the placed back in the dresser.
The building process was complete!
Then, it was time to paint this sucker.
Two new litter boxes were placed inside. The old litter box was placed in the dresser as well, so that cats could adjust to the new situation.
One kitty investigates…
The other follows suit…
It’s a hit!
This kind of project will make any feline fan…
…Smile like a Cheshire cat!
Please SHARE this amazing home project with everyone you know, so that more people are aware that if there’s a problem that needs to be solved, there’s definitely more than one way to skin a cat!



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