She Puts WHAT On A Croissant? I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Tried This!

There is something so sinfully delicious and irresistible about chocolate croissants. The simple treat can be served as breakfast or dessert. And it’s never been easier to make than with this three-ingredient recipe.

In the video, the cook makes chocolate croissants using Nutella, a chocolate-hazelnut spread. Yeah, these are ridiculously quick and easy to make, and everyone will be asking for them. To make this tasty treat, you’ll need:

1 sheet of rolled puff pastry
1 egg
12 teaspoons of Nutella
This recipe will make six croissants. Once the pastry dough is rolled out and cut, you add two teaspoons of nutella at the wide end of the triangle. Then, you roll the dough up and glaze with an egg yolk. Place them on a baking tray or some greased up foil, then place in the oven (180 degrees) for 25 minutes.

When the croissants are golden brown on top, take them out and let them cool. Then it’s time to stuff your face with the amazing croissants. Enjoy!