She Mixes Oreo Cookies And Marshmallow Together. Why? Delicious!

It always amazes me to see how many different types of food just go so well with marshmallow. From hot chocolate and s’mores to Rice Krispies and peanut butter, the white, sugary fluff seems to go with just about anything.

In this video by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio, you’ll learn how to take ordinary Oreo cookies and a bag of mini marshmallows and turn them into no bake Oreo Marshmallow Bars in less time than it would take you to head to the store and buy some.

All you need for this yummy creation is a large bag of Oreo cookies, a bag of mini marshmallows, a 1/4-cup of butter, and a cake pan.

Line your cake pan with plastic wrap as well as some nonstick spray (these are going to be seriously sticky treats). Next, melt your butter and marshmallows together in a large bowl by using the microwave in 30–60 second intervals until the mixture is smooth.

Mix in your chopped Oreos and stir until the cookies are fully coated in the marshmallow mixture. Then transfer the mixture into your cake pan and use a greased, gloved hand to flatten and smooth it out.

Place the pan in the refrigerator to cool and set before slicing and serving this delicious dessert.

Now, wasn’t that super easy?