She Melts A Crayon Over Low Heat. When She’s Finished? AMAZING!

We already know that you can make reusable dryer sheets out of a sponge (and save tons of money), and shoe polish out of a banana, but now we’re about to learn one of the best DIY hacks ever: How to make lipstick out of crayons!

At first, I didn’t believe this was possible (or healthy), but once I thought about it, I realized that most crayons are just paraffin wax, and are non-toxic to begin with. Measure that against the hundreds of different kinds of lipsticks on the market that have 15 chemicals or more, and making your own doesn’t seem so strange!

The process couldn’t be easier. All you need is some hot water, some containers to keep your handmade lipstick, and some coconut oil. And the best part is? Your newest shades cost only a few pennies each!