She Made THIS In The Microwave In 5 Minutes – I Can’t Stop Drooling!

Cooking in the microwave is a skill I am just learning. I always kind of looked down on it, and thought it was only something college kids did, but the more I learn about the wonders of the microwave, the more I’m trying new recipes with it!

This recipe is pretty amazing. It’s microwave fudge, which only needs three ingredients and can be made in five minutes!

If you have chocolate chips, butter, condensed milk, and some salt and vanilla, you have everything you need to create one of the best desserts out there. Stirring is the hardest part of this recipe, and that’s saying a lot!

Do you have an original fudge recipe? Would you try it in the microwave?



  1. Kim says:

    Why are they depicted as lacking melanin?