She Loops Yarn On Her Fingers To Make The Easiest Craft Ever! I’m Doing This ASAP!

If you’re anything like me and you don’t have the patience to learn how to sit still and knit, but you’ve always wanted to try, guess what? There’s still hope!

Did you know you don’t even need needles to knit yourself something fabulous? Seriously! All these years I’ve wanted to learn how to knit and yet I had no idea you can actually learn using only your fingers and some yarn… This changes everything!

Here at LittleThings, we love helping you let your creative side shine. We’ve already taught you how to wear your scarf in three completely unique ways, so why not take a stab at knitting your own? In the following video, we’ll learn the basics of knitting, without complicating things by searching for the right-sized needles and yarn.

For this handy little project, all you need is a ball of yarn and your hands. First, remove any rings on your non-dominant hand and hold the end of the yarn between your thumb and index finger. Loop the yarn under your index finger, over your middle finger, under your ring finger, and around your pinky. Now do the same thing again, only in reverse…over ring, under middle, over index, and back around again.

Each finger should now have two complete loops on it. Now, starting with your index finger, pull the bottom loop of yarn over the second loop, moving it to the back of your finger. Repeat for each finger, pull tightly, and continue the process until your scarf is as long as you’d like it.

When you’re ready to quit, take the one loop from your index finger and move it over to your middle finger. Then take the bottom loop and bring it around to the back like before. Do the same thing for the remaining loop and move it to the ring finger. Repeat for pinky until you have one loop left. Remove the last loop and tie it in a knot.

Voila! A homemade project that is fun and fashionable! Please SHARE this video on Facebook if you plan on trying out this trick for yourself!

Source: Make A Scarf With Only A Ball Of Yarn… And Your Fingers! Wow. by littlethings on Rumble