She Cuts Into The Sleeve Of Her Old T-Shirt. The End Result? I Had NO Idea!

Got some old T-shirts laying around? Me too! And here’s an awesome way to “upcycle” the ones you’d otherwise throw out or never wear again.

ThreadBanger is here with a quirky, cool, and easy project. Make your mom, sister, co-worker, or friend a customized hobo bag, simply using an old T-shirt! This cool, cheap, and creative gift is a perfect DIY project for anyone, because you don’t even need a sewing machine (which is great for me, because I don’t know how to sew). All you need? A T-shirt, a pair of scissors, and about 15 minutes. The size of the finished bag depends on the t-shirt used. Feel free to experiment with different sizes and types of shirts. This bag would look great if you tie-dyed a plain white tee or tried using a vintage novelty tee.

Watch the video for the specific step-by-steps.

It only takes minutes to turn an old T-shirt into an adorable scarf, so get goin’! And please SHARE this video tutorial with your friends on Facebook!