She Cuts A Hole In This Cake… You Won’t Believe What She Puts Inside!

Nothing says spring quite like Peeps! It’s nearly impossible to resist the sugary goodness of those fluffy, chick-shaped marshmallows — at least for me!

This season, one baker super sizes the classic Easter candy with a marshmallow Peeps cake that hides a delicious surprise inside! By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of cakes with a sweet surprise inside — from hidden rainbows to green shamrocks — but this cake takes dessert to a whole new level!

From the outside, you have no idea that there is something extra special hiding underneath all the cake and icing. When you cut the cake, you’ll find a whole bunch of edible little Peeps inside. How cute is that?! This is such a creative idea.

In the video, she demonstrates how to make the cake so that, when you cut into the finished dessert, the Peeps stay intact.

Can you imagine everyone’s surprise when they cut into it? Kids and adults alike will definitely enjoy this sweet springtime dessert. Of course it’s going to be sugary — but hey, once in a while, there’s nothing wrong with a brief sweetness overload!

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