Nothing Worked On Her Dirty Old Pans, Until She Tried This GENIUS Trick!

To me, there’s really no new age kitchen contraption that can ever do the same job as cast iron pots and pans, but being traditional definitely comes with consequences…

The caked-on, baked-on stains seem to never, ever stop! I’ve tried so many different solutions to keep my cookware looking its best over the years, but at some point, I just had to give up. Honestly, who has the time and energy to scrub their pots?! Not me… However, I’m willing to give it one more go after seeing this super helpful video from YouTuber Clean My Space.

In this awesome video, the cleaning expert tries a variety of different easy cleaning hacks to clean her porcelain and metal cookware. Some of the tests completely blew me away, while others…well, I’ll let you be the judge.

There’s definitely a clear winner in this case, but maybe you know another secret stain fighter that she didn’t mention?